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The human body is a relatively amazing collection of systems that all work together in a variety of ways to ensure that proper growth and health of a human. These systems are capable of working together so that they not only function on a normal basis for relatively normal day to day functions, but also as a means of essentially rebuilding the body completely. The bone system within the human body is no different.

Human bones are actually made up of nothing more than a bunch of cells, proteins, and minerals organized in a manner that forms bone functional for each specific region within the body.

When one your bones is broken, or fractured, as it is most commonly referred, your body has the capacity of completely rebuilding the bone naturally, without the assistance of outside medical care. Unfortunately, your body only has the ability to do so much. If your bone is completely shattered and doesn't line up properly, your body will attempt to rebuild it to the best of it's ability. This could result in incredibly painful regrowths over time, which could be worse than having the broken bone itself.

Fortunately, with modern science, medical personnel are now about to look into your bone through an x-ray in order to determine the best means aiding in the repair of your broke bone. In reality, all that your doctor is doing is lining up your bone properly so that your body can heal on it's own. This may require screws, it may require just a case, but the doctor's main goal is to align your bones properly so that your body can get to work on the healing process.

During the healing process, your body will begin to grow new bone cells. These new bone cells will be at the location of the original break, generally on both sides of the break at the same time. Through the process little blood vessels are created and more bone cells are added until the bones eventually meld themselves back together into a regularly functioning body part.

The bone healing process is a simple one, just keep in mind that sometimes it takes a little while for these bones to repair themselves. So make sure that you are following the instructions of your doctor, to ensure that you aren't doing more damage to your bones than good. Any changes in alignment could create a great deal of pain for patient, as well as cause major alignment problems after the bone grows back together. This could result in a need for surgery in order to repair the damage, causing even more pain down the road. The smart thing to remember is that by following your doctor's directions precisely and letting your body do it's work naturally, you should recover from most standard broke bones with relative ease.

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