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In Japan it is considered that the type of the blood - indicator of the individuality of man, it is similar to the Western faith in the signs of zodiacal signs (tradition of zodiac also it is used in modern Japan). This tradition, as they consider, begins into 1916, when some doctors in Japan stated that people with the type of the blood A were gentle and [INDIVIDIUAL], while with the type B their opposition. Even with the fact that this is proven in order to have scientific base, today many Japanese believe in these differences.

Type O (1):

People with the type of the blood O establish mood for the group and take the role of the creation of harmony among its members. Their means - light, being peaceful and lighthearted, man. They are good both benevolent and they have a tendency to generously spend money. They also have amazingly obstinate and decisive side and secretly have their own opinion relative to things. From the other side, they have the flexible, adapted side with the readiness of the adoption of new things. Other people greatly influence them and the fact that they see on the tele-formnew. They seem balanced and deserving confidence, but frequently " [podskalzyvayutsya]" and large gross errors carelessly make. But this also makes type O attractive.

Type A (2):

People with the type of the blood A are calm, serious and very balanced. In them solid nature, they dodgy, reliable and deserve confidence. They thoroughly consider all and previously compose plans. They constantly try to choke their emotions, this it forces by it to seem by [silnvmi]. But, actually, they such have brittle side. They have a tendency to be solid on the people and to [stremyatsya] to surround themselves by people of the same nature.

Type B (3):

People with the type of the blood B are curious and they are interested by all. This can be good, but they have a tendency to have too many interests and hobby. Can very rapidly [vizniknut] the interest in anything and in the near future so rapidly disappear in them. But they know their dear enthusiasm and they try for it to be held. They have a tendency to exceed others and not to be average. They can be so implicated in their own peace, that they can [prenebregnut] by other things. They have a means of bright, merry, by total energy and by enthusiasm, but some people think that inside they entirely others. This is shown the fact that they actually do not want to have real contact with others.

Type AB (4):

People with the type of the blood AB, have thin sensitivity. They are attentive to feelings of other people and deal concerning them with the concern and the warning. Nevertheless they are strict to themselves and are close to them. Therefore it seems that they have two persons: one for " external of [storony]" , and other for the people to " internal of [chasti]". They are frequently sentimental and have a tendency too deeply to think relative to things. People with this type of the blood have many friends. They need time for the consideration of things.

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