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Mathematical breathing can change an outcome. When a person is diagnosed with COPD, emphysema, allergies, sinus difficulties, heart problems, anxieties and etc., they may need assistance of oxygen, therapy or simple breathing exercises. Breathing becomes another math class to them as they get their body to function within the environment. Some medical conditions forbid one to use breathing exercises. Make sure your doctor agrees that breathing exercises are useful to you and your health before continuing.

This first exercise can be done at any time of the day.

Breathe in slowly while counting to three.
Hold in the breathe for five short seconds.
Release slowly as you count to three.

Exercise two can also be done at any time of the day.

Breathe in slow to the count of three.
Exhale a longer count of six.

You can surf the web to find more breathing exercises online. If you would rather go through your health care provider, they too should know a couple breathing exercises to try. It is good to know a couple breathing exercises since it is known to be a healthy measure to relieve stress and can be done on a daily basis. For those who would like another example of some breathing exercises, try the link below.

Not only does breathing exercises slow your heart rate for a moment but it also slows an active mind down as well. We all know that less stress is best due to the unhealthy domino effect that evolves from stress. Most stressful moments can be dismantled by the way one learns to breathe instead of increasing the heart rate to the point of over reacting. Breathing exercises are used in a wide variety of situations. Anger management, therapists and other organizations encourage the use of mathematical breathing to regulate most situations within their patients. A final note to add is that anxiety and panic attacks occur and it these times that breathing exercises can also be helpful.

Math is an incredible thing that applies to most things within our lives. Applying math within breathing techniques has been an option since the dawn of time. The difference between a caveman and us in this day and age would be that they may have breathed in yet may not have been aware of the health value since they had little communication skills. We have better control of our body and mind than they did, therefore, we can give ourselves a better chance at health by applying breathing techniques in the proper ways as well as we have the chance to communicate with others to perhaps pass on this healthy technique.

The mathematics of breathing is complex in each body since all bodies are different yet if you can count your heart rate at a healthy level then your math is great!

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