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Scientist believes that human brain is the most complicated and the most complex object in the universe .
In the brain there's about 50 billions neurons with a quadrillion synapses ( connections), and with a capacity of operation in maybe 10 quadrillions times per second.
just to exemplify: the most sophisticated computer has maybe 0,001 of mental capacity of a fly, comparing that with human brain its an absurd.
Unlike computers the brain is capable of adjust itself, program, and "fix" itself .

You might have heard the expression " use it or lose it" but its not just an expression, for the human brain can change according in how you use it or abuse it.
There's two main factors seems to determine how the brain evolve during our lifetime.
what we let in in our brain through our senses, and our choice of thoughts. Although some genes factor might influenced mental development, but the brain is not a fixed organ.

Lets see some of this wonderful operation happening in human brain;
The brain is a very mutable and flexible organ in constant changes not only by the day-day experience, but the way we think, also affects it.
Its proved that the people mentally active has 40% more synapses (connections) than those who aren't. neurology conclude. if u don't use it you are going to lose it.
There's also some indicatives that we lose some of the brain cell with elderly. but in a smaller proportion than thought before.

The human brain is divided in 5 mainly parts called as follow.
The frontal lobes. Brain studies shows that we use this part of the brain when we think about a word or memories, this part characterize us for being what we are.
The prefrontal cortex, is responsible for formulating thoughts , and connects more with intelligence, motivations and personality, this part is mostly what distinguish humans from animals.
Behind the prefrontal cortex there's a part called motor cortex, in there, there's billions of neurons connected with muscles. this area give us an exceptional capacity of using our hands , using our mouth, lips the tongue and facials muscle when we talk.
Another is called broca's area , responsible for the articulation of words and how we express it . But first we must know a language and the meanings of words, and that where comes another area of the brain called the Wernicke's area, where billions of cells work to translate words and its development both speaking and writing words or learning new language for example.

As we see the brain is a very complex organ which separates us from animals in other areas such art and beauty, appreciation for music. moral values . makes able to think about the future and planning our future and the ability to ask questions.
There's many detailed in all mentioned here such as, communication, intelligence, memory, language and more process in humans brain for further Analise.

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