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Humans possess both a physical and psychic body. Just as the heart is both. Some people think that the mind and the brain are one and the same. The mind is a psychic organ that is attached to the human soul whereas the brain is a biochemical organ that is part of the human body. Life is impossible without a brain where few people use the full capability of their mind.

The human brain is housed in the skull of the human head. Its weight is about three pounds (1,300-1,400 g). Compared to the weight of the brain of an elephant, which is over 6,000 grams, the human brain is relatively small. When a human is born the brain will weigh between 350-400 grams. The human brain is as big as two fists put together and it stops growing at about the age of eighteen.

The job of the brain is to process information. It is more complex than most sophisticated computers. Human emotions such as love, hate, fear, anger, elation and sadness are controlled by the brain. The brain is the command center of your body. The brain and function of every living creature is unique to each individual therefore no two brains of any living creature are the exact same. The brain is the control center for movement, sleep, hunger, thirst and virtually every other vital activity necessary for survival . This vital part of the human body is made up of between 75 to 85 percent water.

The physical brain is made up of four parts. They are the brain stem, diencephalons, cerebrum, and the cellebellum. Reading, writing, speaking and making calculations are located in the part of the brain known as the cerebrum or the seat of intelligence. The brain produces a drug similar to marijuana. Anandamide is a naturally occurring substance that functions as a pain suppressor. The brain uses about twenty percent of the oxygen that we breathe and also uses about twenty percent of our blood supply.

We often hear of the right and left brain. Each human prefers one mode over the other. Being creative is a way of thinking and creative people mostly use the right side of their brains. The left side is used mostly for logical, sequential, rational, analytical, objective thinking. The left side looks at the parts. Whereas those that prefer the right side mode look at the whole. Right side mode of the brain is used for random, intuitive, holistic, synthesizing and subjective thinking.

Is it fact or fiction that we only use ten percent of our brain? Have you ever heard the statement that "we use only ten percent of our brains." That is false, a myth. We use all of our brain. If we only use ten percent of our brains then you can asked the question, would we be fine if ninety percent of our brain was removed? When you look at conditions such as strokes that causes devastating disabilities and the damage is far less than ninety percent we see that the answer would have to be no we would not be fine if ninety percent of our brain was removed.

The leading cause of death of children and adolescents is traumatic injury to the brain. Seventy percent of all motor vehicle accidents results in brain injury. Alzheimer's Disease is a disease that makes the person embrace their past at any given time and can cause them to also loose memory after the incident. Brain tumor is another disorder of the human brain. This is when brain tissues grows un-natural at a rapid speed and can later develop into cancer. Strokes are caused by blood vessels in the brain that break and thereby result in injuries to varies parts of the body. As we age the brain deteriorates naturally making us susceptible to problems.

The human brain is truly a complex and wondrous part of the human body. Life is impossible without a brain. It is truly unique to each and every individual. Remember no two brains are exactly the same. Even though mankind has studied the brain for centuries there is still things that remain unknown about the human brain.

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