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Before a baby is born is it thinking? Or is it just neural activity that is being measured? Because when the baby sucks its thumb before it is even born, was it a thought that started the task of placing the thumb in its mouth or was just a reflex of wanting to suckle?

The human brain is still something that has yet to be a completed discovery. I call it a discovery because even though everyone from utero to 100 has one, there are still things left to discover. What makes one person smart and one person a killer. One child autistic, and one child a prodigy. We have discovered some facts about the brain that are true. And still there are still so many questions left to answer.

The human brain is made up of 10 billion nerve cells and another 50 billion other cells, but weighs less than 3 pounds. or put your two fists together.

It controls voluntary movement, thought, pain, and senses. sometimes all at once.

If you could spread out your brain it would be the size if a pillow case.

A newborn baby's brain will grow almost 3 times during its first year.

Your brain is divided into two sides. But the right side controls the left side of your body and the left side of the brain controls the right side of your body.

Yet the brain is very fragile and needs to be protected by your skull. There are four lobes or regions of your brain and each of them control different things. Frontal lobe is the largest and it controls speech, thought, and the voluntary movements and coordination of the body. Parietal lobe controls feelings of the body, sensation, shape texture, and position. Temporal lobe controls hearing, memory for speech, sight and for music. Occipital lobe controls sight, reading and visual images.

The brain can use up to 20% of the resting body's oxygen.

What you see with your eyes has to be processed by over 30 brain areas.

The difference between a computer and your brain is that your brain does not need to be programmed. But it can be.

Fatty acids make up neuron cell membranes. We do need fat.

A sheep's brain is the same size as yours, but yours is 10 times heavier.

The brain of a two year old uses twice as much energy as adult brains. That explains the lack of energy used to chase one around.

And we do use all of our brain. Well, most of us...

Albert Einstein's brain was removed after his death and a Princeton pathologist, cut into 240 pieces.

When we are born, the brain matures from back to front, and as we age it degenerates front to back.

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