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Space and Brains:

The Discovery Channel has a documentary on the human body. The sector on the brains is intriguing though familiar. The Discovery Channel described brain power as the most powerful organ in the natural world, it, the Discovery Channel says that the Central Processing Unit generates as many electrical impulses in a single day as all the telephones in the world put together.

The documentary highlights several people who were in crisis situations and described how the brains reacted to survive. It is amazing how the brain kicks into being as an entity onto its self but then again what else could it be if it is that life did evolve. It might be said then that the way the brain reacts to the crisis' in the situation shown on the documentary could be viewed as most revolting evidence for the argument of evolution.

A fellow once said to another fellow teenager that he was a slave to his mind. The subject told the fellow that he was an idiot. What else can you be? The subject argued. The fellow was not mature enough to handle the argument. But the fellow thought he was right. In other words, the brain has to be train to get up and get out.

The brain continued to study it-self. It is intriguing how a brain reacts when under pressure. It is said by the source mentioned above that the human body reacts by pain. Something is wrong. The brain in question seems able to separate into two parts as that goes for a temporary novice's hypothesis. The ad hoc hypothesis is that the brain in particular can study it-self in a sense that one part seems to think it knows what it is doing in the sense that it is studying the other part and the other part seems to be out there, perhaps the subconscious mind, perhaps the cosmological consciousness in part.

Neurons are the cells of nerve tissue and communicate with each other across a synapse or gap, space, one space going and another coming out(discovery channel). In the material world space is critical to the transformation of life. Under pressure the brain is looking for a space to survive, a huge sign might be shaken from a parking lot post, mythology might be reenacted as the brain seeks a space that it can function.

The idea that the brains can reenact creation mythology is also found in the American Encyclopedia of Religion. The idea that creation mythology can be reenacted could reinforce the thoughts that man created God. But the experience is that extraterrestrial phenomenon seen in the form of lights and space craft suggests that there is a connection between creation mythology, the subconscious mind which could be the cosmological consciousness that exists in the mysterious being we call space, and human thought.

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