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Having a bad breath or scientifically known as halitosis can be an embarrassing experience and hindering an effective communication. Causes of bad breath are many. Having identified all those possible causes of bad breath will make our job of preventing it easier and more effective because we can nip the actual culprit right in the bud.

Here is the list of thing that causes of bad breath:

1) Food we eat - The types of food one eats influence breath odors. Strong-smelling food such as onion, garlic, cheese, alcohol and certain types of meat can induce bad breath. Indulging on those foods will cause a strong odor released from our digestive tract. Smoking and alcoholic drinking also cause bad breath and make people shy away from us. Fruit such a durian is an obvious no in this situation.

2) Poor Oral hygiene - Poor oral hygiene will make the growth of bacteria and microbes in our mouth build up over time. That's why proper brushing and flossing with the right technique are important. Food residues left in our mouth will easily attracting bacteria, causing bad breath. Our mouth could be easily the prime breeding ground for bacteria if we neglect the hygiene aspect. Dental conditions like gum disease, cavities, dry mouth and oral cancer will worsen the situation because of bacteria activity.

3) Other diseases not related with oral- Some other diseases such diabetes, Gastro Esophagus Reflux Disease (GERD), and liver infection will make breathing smelly. The reason for this is because of a back-flow of acid from the stomach to the esophagus. Liver and kidney disease are less likely to cause bad breath, but also could turn to be the culprit, especially when toxins from these organs are excreted through the lungs and causing smelly breath.

4) Medication - Certain medication we took such as antihistamines, diuretics and tranquilizers can also cause bad breath. It is because of their chemical property which released odors when consumed and as a result of chemical reaction in our body.

5) Vitamins deficiency also makes our gum weak and more prone to disease. Gum inflammation will lead to bacteria invasion and causing bad breath.

Identifying the causes of bad breath should be done with an open mind and out of realization to rectify the situation. Consulting a dentist or specialist is the best possible move that we can take. Living with bad breath is not a curse. With professional help, it could be treated and remedied. All we need is to have a good maintenance and a healthy lifestyle.

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