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High blood pressure or hypertension can put you at a higher risk of a variety of serious conditions such as strokes and heart disease.  It is important to keep this under control, and you can help do this by being aware of the factors that can influence it.  Different people are often affected to different extents by these factors, which include the following.


Some people are just genetically inclined to have a higher blood pressure.  They may do everything the same as someone else, but their blood pressure is just higher.  You are not alone since a great many Americans have this condition. 

Sodium intake

Eating too much salt can affect your blood pressure in a negative way. Unfortunately, many people eat far too much sodium - two or three times the recommended daily amount - and their blood pressure may reflect this.  It is not merely about the salt that you sprinkle on at the dinner table - this might be a relatively small amount to what is already in food.  Even food that doesn't taste salty such as a soup you might feel is bland can often have an enormous amount of sodium.  You can literally have the entire amount you are supposed to have in one day in a single bowl.  Other things that are salty but that don't taste it include bread, salad dressing and even some desserts.  You should read nutritional labels, being sure to account for serving size.  Chose no salt or low salt options. 

Stress levels

If you are very stressed, then your blood pressure may be higher.  It can go up when you feel anxiety or when you are scared of something.  Sometimes when people constantly take it, they can cause it to go up.


Someone who is overweight might be more likely to have higher blood pressure.  This is a large issue in America at this current time.


Some medication such as certain cold remedies can raise your blood pressure.  Of course, there is medication to lower your blood pressure for those who need it.


Exercise is very effective at helping to lower blood pressure.  Just being active can also help some people.  It can also help you lose weight, which can further reduce it.

You should be sure to have your blood pressure checked on a regular basis.  Also consider the above factors when looking to help yourself control this very serious condition that is dubbed the silent killer.

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