An Overview of Fibroinflammatory Conditions

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"An Overview of Fibroinflammatory Conditions"
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There is a lack of a comprehensive article regarding fibroinflammatory conditions. But, the available literature provides a variety of presentations of the condition. This article is prepared by using the case presentations published regarding the disease.  

Fibroinflammatory Pseudotumors of the Temporal Bone

These are a kind of tumors which gives rise to malignant features clinically. But, the histology shows that they are benign. Their etiology still remains a mystery for the scientists. These tumors occur in several places in the body. They are the lungs, lymph nodes, salivary glands, paranasal sinuses, trachea and the skin. The histology of these tumors shows proliferating spindle cells. These spindle cells are of fibroblastic, histiocytic and myofibroblastic in origin. As mentioned above, these tumors’ behavior is similar to that of malignant tumors. They tend to spread to the surrounding structures and destroy their anatomy.

A case report presented by Matthias P. et al (1998), describes four cases of chronic inflammatory pseudotumors of the temporal bone. They are a very rare set of tumors. But, their clinical course has given rise to a significant amount of morbidities. In these cases the tumor was found to be infiltrating and destroying the architecture of the labyrinth, the brain, the carotid artery and the facial nerve. All cases had a long history and a high recurrence rate despite of medical interventions.

They suggest aggressive and multidisciplinary approach to treat this condition. The hematologist’s and the oncologist’s opinion should also taken. They have used total petrosectomy as the radical surgical treatment method. This was followed by immediate post operative immunosuppressive chemotherapy. They say that the patients should have life long follow up since there is a high rate of recurrence and a long course.

Progressive Sclerosing Orbital Pseudotumors

Mehta M. et al (2009), have presented a case report regarding a patient who had a progressive sclerosing orbital pseudotumor. It is another kind of fibroinflammatory disorder. The condition was found along the facial tissue planes. It was extending in to the orbit and the periorbital membrane. The lesion has had fibrocollagenous tissues and lymphoid aggregates. Immunoglobulin G4 positive plasma cells were found within these lymphoid aggregates.

Fibroinflammatory Lesion on the Lower Extremity

Antonio Ammendolia et al (2007) have published a case report regarding tumefactive fibroinflammatory lesion located in the anterior extracapsular part of the right knee. It is a benign but locally aggressive disease. The lesion was found to be unresponsive to the conservative treatment. Therefore, they have carried out surgery and the patient was healed completely within the next year. In their case also the diagnosis was made only by the histology.

There are other case reports describing several other types of fibroinflammatory conditions. These reports reveal that the disease can occur in any place of the body, including the aorta, the ear, the head and neck structures, etc.

In conclusion, fibroinflammatory conditions can occur in any place of the body. Some times the condition can get the form of a malignancy and cause severe harm to the body. Therefore, it is a condition which should be identified and treated carefully.

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