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I hope that this article is not comparing animals and their homosexuality to human beings who are not animals but made in the image of God.

There are many differences between animals and human beings in case some of you have not noticed it.

The first difference is that to my knowledge animals only go into heat twice a year. Some of them may even have longer periods before they desire another animal.

Animals do not all have the same amount of months wherein they carry their offspring.

I am not learned as to all animals, but elephants certainly have a much longer pregnancy period than do cats and dogs that have a much shorter time period to carry their young.

Cats and dogs usually have much more of a litter than elephants do, and fish can lay thousands of eggs.

As for animals performing homosexual acts between themselves, they even perform these acts between their siblings and parents. Although there may be some human beings who will perform these acts, they are usually not considered the norm and not thought very highly of. Most human beings do not perform their sexual acts in front of everyone and anyone who wants to watch them, even though Hollywood is trying to push so much immorality in our faces.

Most human beings carry their babies for nine months. Some may deliver earlier but very few will carry more than nine months. We don't change how many months we carry because of our size, color or creed. Nine months is the norm.

Our society has never been the same since someone named Darwin had a theory and a theory it was and it has been the downfall of humanity. His theory has bought the human race down to the level of animals, making many forget that we are more intelligent than they are. This theor has not been proven, and scientists cannot deny that they can't find the missing link because it doesn't exist.

Why would anyone want to believe that we are animals instead of human beings. Why don't we fight the fact that religion is just as much a theory as Darwin's theory is, and insist that
it be taught in all of our schools instead of allowing them to take all reference of God out of schools and have it be a required subject just as Darwin's theory is?

Do they ever tell students and others that when Darwin was passing from this world to the next he turned to God as most people do who will constantly deny the existence of God throughout their lives, but at the end they change their minds?

It is the wonderful gift of forgiveness that Jesus gave us from the Cross that will never let any true Christian say there is not hope for everyone of us to be forgiven. Don't you think it is time to stop calling the human race animals and to stop comparing us to them.

Will we ever admit that there are major differences between animals and human beings? Animals cannot really speak, they cannot walk on two legs, they cannot do a lot of things that human beings do. They can't become doctors, lawyers, and a lot of other professions we human beings can.

Yes they can be trained to do tricks and many do take care of their young and build homes to live in. But to date, I don't think I have every read or heard about animals teaching human beings to talk or go to work to give us a home to live in. They may be a comfort, but they certainly can not go to a store and buy us food and cook it for us. Would they be able to build a home for us to live in with a toilet that works and would we really go out for to a wedding and leave our children home with an animal to watch them until we come back? I don't think so, and if we did I am sure it would be against the law.

To ask such as question as "Can animals be homosexual"? is like asking the question "Are homosexuals imating animals?"

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