Alternatives to Lumbar Disc Surgery

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The reason  lumbar disk surgery  is performed is  to relieve pain.  Back pain can disable a person to the point that they can't work or perform normal daily functions..  Disk replacement surgery or spinal fusing are not life saving procedures.  They are performed to relieve pain and improve the quality of life.   But what happens when this type of  pain management fails? 

It's referred to as FBSS by professionals, an acronym for Failed Back Surgery Syndrome,. Its not actually a syndrome at all, but a post surgical condition that is becoming more and more common.  The reason that surgery often fails to reduce the pain, is simple.  While preoperative tests such as MRI's can detect degenerative disk disease, disk bulging, and other injuries to the spine itself, it cannot detect muscular spasm sprain and strain.  The most common cause of FBSS is the cause of the pain was not within the spine itself but within the muscle tissue.  Muscle strain/sprain pain spasms can be extreme. An MRI performed on a person who had an accident or is over 50 may very likely show spinal injury, opting for surgical intervention is not a wise answer if the pain is caused by the surrounding muscle tissue which cannot be treated surgically.  This is why any respectable neurosurgeon recommends a conservative treatment plan at first to try and rule out muscular causation. 

Because lumbar disk surgery is not  life  saving, even serious spine ailments like herniation, disk bulging, and degenerative changes can be managed and treated through alternative medicine, or even conventional medicine that is more conservative than performing surgery.  Conservative treatments include narcotic medication, non-steroidal, muscle relaxants, physical therapy, and chiropractors as well as injection modality.  If none of this provides relief to the sufferer, and the patient is heavily insured, the next step many doctors would suggest would be surgery.  But what if this is not an option you can afford or  want to undergo?  Is there any hope for the patient who wants to avoid spinal surgery? 

Many recovered back injury patients are saying there is.  Through alternative therapies such as acupuncture, Rolfing, Neuromuscular Therapy,  yoga, tai chi, and Pilates along with chiropractic treatment, they have found ways to manage and alleviate back pain caused by age and/or injury.  

There's no reason to wait until age or an injury causes discomfort, preventative measures can begin anytime with simple back stretches that target pressure.  The same gentle stretching exercises can also relieve pain.


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