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It's not always possible to afford a psychologist. We are the ones that mainly have to help ourselves. In order to do so we have to find alternatives to getting psychological help. Every one has an individual way of helping themselves that is based on personal philosophies, priorities, attitudes and believes. To improve yourself you have to analyze what you want to solve and how much you are ready to do for it.

First of all you have to make sure that the problem or problems that you have really psychological, not physical. You can do it by visiting you physician who will be able to tell if you have any somatic quandary that is causing you to feel down.

Secondary, basing on your analyze of the situation that you are in and your feelings, decide what you sense will help you best. Some psychological problems might be caused by some sort of an outside issue: trouble at home or at work, loss of loved one, etc. In that case the logical step would be to deal with these situations first in order to remove or lighten a stressor. Then you will be able to move on to administering your feelings.

Researching some information in order to get more familiar with what you are facing. You can do that by going to you local library, or just browsing through the Internet.

An important thing to understand is that you are not alone. In order to grasp that and have no doubts about it you can go to groups in which people have the same problems, so you can relate to them and feel supported or visit a church of your choice. Faith often is a powerful help in recovery or problem solving.

Setting your lifestyle in order is also can be a meter of great importance. You should eat healthy, stay active and get enough rest. If you want to help yourself, you have to stay in good shape and keep your body, as well as brain well functioning.

Another important aspect is not keeping your feelings to yourself. Share about your problems with people that care for you. Support is crucial in anything you do and especially in situations when you feel down and upset.

Don't give up in your attempts to get better even so sometimes you feel overwhelmed, because solving problems and dealing with you feelings isn't easy. Hope dies last, so stay optimistic and keep trying. Sometimes given alternatives can be even more effective for you that a professional psychological help, because you know yourself better that anybody else.

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