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America's wakeup call:

Due to the over use of fossil fuels, America has created grave problems, as have other countries around the world. Now that a barrel of oil is over $100 it is time for America to wake up! The difference between America and other countries is other developed countries have worked on getting away from using fossil fuels; they have a head start looking for other forms of energy, and are now far ahead of American technology in the use of other forms of energy usage, and have harnessed many forms of clean energy successfully. Some of these being hydro-power, wind power, solar power just to name a few.

Not only was this a wakeup call for America. America has long been aware of the damage that fossil fuel have been causing the environment, the ecosystem and the Earth as a whole. Americans now realize this major problem, before politicians finally decided to look into the problems and put funds into the system to find different alternatives to fossil fuels.

Listed are some of the causes that fossil fuels have damaged our environment and caused health problems, water issues, air pollution and other toxic problems associated with fossil fuels. The importance of putting these in this paper is to show how harmful fossil fuels are to our way of life. Moreover demonstrating the number of health issues, environmental issues and other causes that fossil fuels create in American society along with and the rest of the world have caused.

Acid rain is caused by deadly chemicals that get into our atmosphere, flow through our rivers and oceans, that makes rainfall mix with the many chemicals we use that are toxic to our plants, waters and animals. The loss of bio-diversity from the non-biodegradable used in many of the items our society uses today. Deforestation means the cutting of our forests without the ability to replace the planting of trees in a timely manner to enable it to replenish itself.

Desertification is when agriculture not rotated properly and this causes arid almost desert like dry conditions. Greenhouse gas, this is a term that describes a trapping of all the emissions. This burning of fossil fuels and other chemicals that cannot escape our atmosphere and creates smog that is bad for not only our atmosphere, but human health also. Overgrazing, this becomes a problem when livestock grazes the land over years and depletes the soil of nutrients and a permanent ability have plant cover on this land again. Pollution is man-made all waste man has created. Soil erosion happens both naturally and by man soil erosion happens because of wind, water and by mans need to use land for purposes such as mining, build new roads, homes and removing the soil. This also happens when agriculture is not properly rotated.

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is now a problem since all of the above problems, and many others not listed have destroyed the ozone layer. There are many others to offer, though these are the most problematic for Americans to think about when it comes to finding newer and better forms of energy.

In readings from Macionis, fossil fuels affect the environment is two ways. One it depletes the environment of natural energy resources it also pollutes our environment.The United States is the largest user of fossil fuel; in fact,The United States uses 18% of the worlds fossil fuel and the rest of the world uses 80%. The United States is the worst offender of all developed countries in their usage in these percentages especially when it comes to fossil fuel. America being an industrialize society creates 100 times the waste; this makes solid waste a major problem for America.

Another reason America has started to look into environmentally friendly energy and finally it is a priority in American society. Instead of Americas, dependency on fossil fuels only an environmental issue it has become a social issue in the past 25 years or so, and even more thought and talked about in just the past 3 or 4. Also, the United States security may depend oon becoming self sufficient.

Now that society is into the conversation, it is no longer up to just the political machine any longer. Our politicians are standing up and taking notice since in order for them to stay in office they must listen to the masses. Politicians have been well versed in this conversation for decades, though until society began to stand up and fight for a better way to conserve energy they did little to help control the issue. Society can change the way America thinks on issues such as fossil fuels if there is enough education and enough people realize we are only harming ourselves by not taking a stand for what is right. Yes, this paper is about fossil fuels, though this frame of mind will work in any of the major issues facing America

Boulder City Nevada, approximately 30 miles from Las Vegas there is one of the largest Solar power plant almost reaching its conclusion to be open by 2009 completely, it is already partially up and running. In Colorado, there is a field of wind power mills helping to power a small town. The American automobile manufacturers are finally concentrating on new fuels that will not pollute the environment. Therefore, America now headed in the right direction; though there is so much further to go.


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