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Alternative fuels. Fuels that are alternative.

I am betting that most of the people who submitted answers to this title
wrote about Ethanol, Biodeisel,Vegetable Oil, Cellulosic Farm waste,
as well as hydrogen.

A true alternative fuel is one that will change the process by which
we attain power. All of the above require combustion. Combustion that
is indeed cleaner than fossil fuels, but combustion all the same.
Greenhouse gases still being emitted. Well I am going to submit my
alternative fuel.

It is against the grain, it is not what you expect,but it is a vision
of the future that I see much closer to the reality. It seems, for
better or worse, this route which I am about to describe is the route
that we will attain our cars of the future. Honda, Toyota , Tesla, and
many other smaller car companies have already taken a leap onto this

93,000,000 miles from Earth lies the Sun. In a single day, it emits
more power than we use in an entire year. It seems almost humour we
scour the world for the perfect alternative, while the answer was
always right above our heads.

There exist companies today that can make your house energy independent
by putting solar panels on your roof. In good months, people who own
these houses actually contribute excess energy to the grid.

But back to the issue of Alternative cars, in the sence of-I assume-

Plug in hybrids are already in the works, cars that you can drive 60
miles or so on a battery, and after that the on board generator kicks

These cars are predecessors to fully electric cars, in my estimation
the true alternative fuel is pure electricity. Electric cars have
been proven by many studies to be more efficent than gasoline cars,
even when they got their energy from coal fired power plants.

Electric cars also have more favourable torque and horspower curves;
while a gasoline car reaches peak torque or peak horspower at a certain
rpm, electric cars hit peak power and torque virtually immediately and
maintain it for a range. In the case of Tesla Motors Roadster, it hits
peak power after a couple thousand rpms and maintains peak power and
torque past 16,000 rpm, according to their website. This means that
electric cars are more suited to tow and haul.

Electric cars built by Tesla have a range of 250 miles at highway
speeds. Homebuilders of electric cars manage 300 mile ranges.

Back again to Electricity,
Unlike most of the vegetable/farm oriented biofuels, electric cars
do not need to depend on an ultimately limited number of acres, and
will never compete with human mouths for grain. With farmland in
the us, we will never be able to serve the entire market of automobiles
with biofuels, but electricity is virtually limitless, given nuclear,
solar,wind, and fusion options currently available.

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