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Implementing Alternative Energy

There are many alternative energy options and technologies available, but how do we change a system which seems to be very fixed and soldered in? The answer is not in government mandates or relying on the government at all. This method will take way too long and we will never get anywhere. Why should we turn to alternatives? Many believe in Global warming and many don't. However even if we don't take into account that factor and we decide from the viewpoint of not having to depend on the Arab nations to supply most of our transportation energy needs (oil), it still makes sense to look at alternatives.

But how will any of these technologies be implemented? The answer is simple. We have to look at how all great progress has been made in this country. It has been made by individuals with ideas and inventions and private investment. The only exception to this has been NASA which has had a good record of accomplishment; witness the Apollo, and voyager programs. But this has been at an extremely high cost that would not be tolerated in the business world. Also it took NASA over 25 years to realize that the space shuttle was not a very efficient idea.

Government mandates do not drive initiative but only a resistance. What drives initiative is individuals who see a problem and want to do something about it. Also the government seems to be a tool used by many vested interests to keep things as they are. So who is going to take responsibility and make these new things happen? It is us as Americans. So I invite anyone with a scientific creative flair to join in on the alternative evolution which is as sure to happen as the sun will come up tomorrow.

What kind of inventions or systems and inventions are there out there? More than you can possibly imagine. There are Tide generators, sewage-water-heat pumps, solar towers, solar arch's, hydrogen fuel cells, other types of fuel cells and things like hybrid fuel injected two stroke cars using a gas vaporization system getting as much as 400 miles to the gallon. There are various wind farms across the world now. Chile is known as the solar oven capitol of the world now and this is helping to prevent

deforestation. There are many many more inventions that could take place if this area was really freed up. Just beware of laws that are being passed that sound like a good idea on the subject they are addressing but hidden and unrelated could be measures that suppress alternative energy. The oil industry has made billions and billions and I think it is time they gave us something in return for making them so wealthy. They need to get off of their duffs and help create a new economy which is not based on oil. This should never be mandated but only expressed to that industry by people themselves so that they may get their ethics in and start helping.













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