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With 57 known and cataloged alien species how could we as thinking people actually believe we are alone. Sure it seems silly to believe in the little green men or the huge spaceships that are included in every sci-fi alien movie. If we think and just let our minds wander in a non-media influenced way then I think of course it seems probable that we are not alone in the Universe.

Unfortunately when thinking about those who may be out "there" the issues of government cover up and conspiracies flood the issue of intelligent life on other planets and the existence of something or someone that may be equal if not superior to our own species. Feeling inferior can be scary for a human being, priding itself on walking upright and being technologically advanced in every way. Again clouding the issue with fear as opposed to the clarity that calmness and accepting of other ideas and concepts can bring. The media portraying UFO enthusiast as shut ins and jobless, pathetic nerds that want to believe in something because life holds not other pleasure.

This is not true. UFO enthusiasts come from all walks of life and some quite intelligent. Often the people you least expect look into the heavens firmly believing that there is more to the sparkling vastness then empty space. A friend I have known for a great many years admitted to me only a few years back that he believes in life on other planets and that such intelligent life may have visited our Earth on many occasions. I was a bit shocked that this person out of everyone that I knew in my life was the one that believed in UFOlogy and alien species. He is conservative, professional, and extremely handsome. His social skills are amongst the best and his experience with the ladies may be almost as plentiful as the stars in the sky.

Still, this man believes in UFOs and doesn't find any reason why such a subject should be so taboo and taken with humor and often times alcohol. I had to admit to my dear friend that I too feel it would be quite arrogant of we as a species to believe that we are the only erect, sentient and intelligent life in the Universe. It would to me be more accurate to say we are one of many who share this space and time and if we are under watch from those who travel space then maybe we need to be. I'm not sitting on my roof with a foil hat and I don't spend my days shut in and lonely, but still I don't think I would be shocked if an alien being were to be discovered. Although I would be surprised if a space traveler having seen our planet and the way we disreguard most necessary issues would want to try and communicate with such a primitive species.

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