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Life, as we know it; is life - as we know it. Doesn't sound as far fetched as you are the only form of life in our galaxy. Our planet oceans contain life we know nothing about, its a fact. Some people believe that "big foot" is real, too! I find it to be very funny and peculiar that the media has invested so much time and money on a subject that is supposedly, fiction? If life beyond our earth is real, why lie about it and say that it is not? Unless, you really don't know yourself if life exists beyond our earth. One thing for sure, be it intellectual jibber jabber, or coffee house favorite topic, life beyond earth is more of a possibility than not, at least in my opinion. Until the advancements in technology man has made, we never realized how ignorant and wrong we were; about everything! Life is as we know it on earth but what about on other planets in other galaxies?

The New York Science Planetarium gives you a beautiful insight of our galaxy and universe. One can't help but wonder, "perhaps, are we alone?" It is a legitimate question and very valid one to be asked, "are we alone in the universe, let alone our galaxy. I must admit however that the thought of other life forms coming to earth scared me in my pants, I was only 11 yrs. old back then. As I began to study the stars and planets I came to realize that life is not confined to just earth. Why is it that the Egyptians, and the Indians at different times on the earth depict the presence of beings or life forms descending from the heavens, in their myths, various art works, and religions? Even in South America there are depictions of UFOs and life forms descending from the heavens. These aren't just my words, do the research and see for yourself!

Different cultures, dynasties, or tribes whatever you want to call them, at different times on different parts of the planet earth, in different time eras, have all one thing in common to me. Unless, the Discovery channel has been lying to me. Unless, all the books I've read for the last 30 years about the universe had lied to me. Man, since he has made a conscious effort to keep and store visual and literal records of events that he can explain and of those he couldn't explain why is the presence of flying objects at a time when the Wright Brothers wasn't even born? Unless, it is all an elaborate hoax? So, the History Channel and publications are broadcasting and printing 100% lies about UFOs and life out side of earth?

Nothing is true about what we are watching or reading about? Sorry, I can't go for that. No can do! Uh-uh. Nooo can do! There has got to be some truth somewhere, you just gotta find it if you really want to know. The truth has always been present. It's just that some people decided to play a mind game on societies world wide. One of their mind games is the one when they tell you, "you didn't see what you saw." The poor idiots forgot that they were dealing with trying to suppress intelligence that was far more advance than they were. If they've been flying around this planet since the days of the Egyptians, and the islands out side of China; what makes you think that you can keep them a secret? It's dumb to think you can 100% convince people they didn't see what they saw.

People like myself, that has seen gigantic triangular objects slowly floating through the sky know for a fact that there is life out side of earth. As far as I'm concerned, we don't have that technology or anything that size anyway. Seeing is believing and I hope more and more people see what I've seen and what millions have seen, from dynasties of the past to the great civilizations that spawned our civilization, so you too won't just believe but you won't be afraid to know that you are not the only life that exist in our galaxy or universe. Don't be scared, embrace it. You are not alone.

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