Alien Species are we alone in the Universe

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"Alien Species are we alone in the Universe"
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This question has always invaded most of our minds because this is one of the world's greatest mysteries. Are we really alone in this universe? There have always been a great deal of reports dealing with the UFO sightings. Additionally, these pictures are usually not clear, but the issue has always remained with us nonetheless. Are these pictures cropped, fake, or perhaps the truth? Personally, I believe we are not alone in this universe.

Certainly, we live on a planet called “Earth”, and this planet is filled with a great diversity of life forms. Obviously, this is common knowledge for everyone, correct? Now, think about the fact that we live in just one solar system, so what about the others? Furthermore, the probability that aliens exist is really high with regards to the fact that we are alive. Incidentally, facts and data are good to determine the authenticity of things, but what will happen if our equipment was not advanced enough to complete the rest of these facts. Then, would these hidden facts be considered a lie too? Think about the past, when people used to believe the causes for the seasons, severe weather, and diseases were. In ancient times, people have believed that the Gods gave diseases, but it was really caused by bacteria and viruses.

Additionally, life forms can easily exist when the appropriate requirements have been met. If there's water, food and oxygen, then life as we know it can exist. Moreover, another factor for the Alien's existence is that they may not use what we need. Just because we need water, food and oxygen doesn't necessarily mean the same for these aliens. Maybe, they don't have the same functions as us, the same internal systems as us, or even the same environment as us. Certainly, we have learned that specific needs are required for life to continue on, but that doesn't necessarily mean that everything must live the same way. Think about the virus because they aren't really alive. Furthermore, there are secrets that we have yet to discover, so does that mean their existence is false as well. Think about the pyramids in Egypt... do we know how many of them truly exist? Have we found all of them yet? Do we know how to cure all illness? Is every chemical element discovered? Have we explored every inch of this Earth?

Therefore, life can easily exist outside of this planet. There are concepts about our very own planet that we have yet to grasp. So, how can we perceive that aliens do not exist when our own equipment and technology have yet to reach every inch of our own solar system?  

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