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57 Alien Species. Who knew?

When it comes to the topic of an alien presence on Earth the world claims to be from the Show Me State. Movies and television shows involving crop circles, hybrid babies, and the apparent galaxy-wide knowledge that humans are a delicacy fuel the imagination but don't provide any proof. Then again, they aren't meant to. They are for entertainment. But what about the works which are "based on a true story"? One true story that has found some momentum is that of SFC Clifford Stone. He has stated that there have been 57 alien species catalogued.

Clifford Stone is not alone in his assertion that there is evidence of extra-terrestrials having landed on our planet. Bob Lazar, supposedly a former employee of the Los Alamos National Laboratory claims to have been employed to reverse-engineer alien technology. Are these men and others like them answering the question "Are we alone?" Are these people simply seeking the spotlight? Is evidence really being hidden from the public?

If you were to browse you would find that the scientists there don't believe that there is evidence sequestered away in the middle of some desert. There are no hidden laboratories with dissected aliens and no underground bunkers hiding the remnants of a crashed ship. SETI hasn't yet confirmed the receipt of a genuine alien transmission. If aliens were already here, and their technology being tested and tampered with, one would think the SETI folks might have picked up on it once or twice. On the other hand, the reports having several witnesses who from various positions in government, military and contracting positions have witnessed the technology and the alien bodies.

There should no longer be a debate over whether or not there are other life forms elsewhere in the galaxy. The debate should be over the best means to contact them safely. I would believe that IF there were currently alien beings on Earth and the government knew about it, the reason for secrecy would be a public health concern. How many people have died because of missionaries going into less developed areas? I would also be concerned about our readiness to interact with an alien, more advanced species.

On, 5/13/08, the director of the Vatican Observatory is quoted as saying, "Astronomers believe the universe is made up of 100 billion galaxies, each of which consists of 100 billion stars...". In all of that vastness, it is conceivable to have an equal number species. There are other planets orbiting those other stars and other atmospheres covering those other planets and other creatures breathing in those other atmospheres. And of those other creatures, there are those with the ability to create technologies. Of those technologies, there are those which allow those creatures to fly and others to leave the boundaries of their planets. How many more would leave the boundaries of their solar systems? We have witnesses to say that of those, at least 57 have done so; and made it to Earth. But there is no evidence that they are seeking publishers for the latest version of "To Serve Man" (thank you Rod Serling).

Regardless of whether or not the current evidence is real, the search for evidence is real. The possibility that life exists on other planets is real. The belief that someone else on a distant planet is searching for life on yet another distant planet drives us to make technological breakthroughs that allow us to better understand where we are, where we could go, and who we may meet when we get there.

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