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57 Alien Species. We Are NOT Alone.

I believe that Sergeant Stone is telling us what the Government has been trying to cover up for years. I have heard of these different species from time to time from watching television programs and books written about such things. The humanoids that look like us, the Greys, the Reptilians etc.

The most compelling evidence I have read is from a book by William Cooper, an ex-naval intelligence officer that has been privy to a lot of top secret documents throughout his career. The book is called " Behold a Pale Horse". In the book he talks about many different things that the Government has done and will do in the future.

In the book he states that he saw documents referring to Eisenhower had commissioned a group called the Jason Society which was to look into the evidence, facts, lies and deception and find the truth about the alien question. He also formed the group Majesty Twelve which controlled extraterrestrial information and projects. It also goes on to say that Eisenhower had made a pact with the aliens that allowed them to experiment with us in exchange with the names of people they were abducting.

It also goes on to state of NASA photographs that show a moon base made by the aliens and several Governments and run by them which the Astronauts saw and photographed while orbiting the moon and sworn to secrecy. There were also sightings of craft while the Astronauts were on the surface exploring the moon.

I myself am a believer due to what I have seen myself. Starting as a 10 year old boy at summer camp with a few guys that decided to sleep in the meadow and watch the stars. We observed a light that was moving high in the sky. We watched it for hours until it took off at a high rate of speed, shooting off at an angle that no human aircraft could have done in the 70's.

I have also seen things in the last 6 years while I was travelling every week across the country for my job. I was flying back from California and we were over Colorado. I was looking out of the plane like I always did and saw what appeared to be another airplane flying under us and towards us like planes do while criss crossing over the United States. I kept watching as it came closer and I noticed it was black and looked more like a ball. To my amazement, it stopped popped into a cloud, zipped back out and went in again and disappeared. There was another incident while flying over Texas going to Houston.

I was watching the sunset out of the right side of the plane and I noticed something saucer shaped, or cigar shaped just hanging in midair, probably close to 10 to 20 miles out. I kept observing this and while doing so, several planes passed in front of us and past us. Looking at this thing in relation to the planes, I came to the conclusion that this thing was huge. I kept watching this thing until I couldn't see it anymore. I mentioned something to the pilot as I was leaving and he was dumb founded. They had seen it too.

So in conclusion, I believe we have been visited and continue to be visited. I just don't understand why they have not made there presence known. I believe it is about time for the US Government, like other Governments have; and come clean about this. We can handle the truth and we need to know.

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