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Fifteen years ago in 1993, Steven.M.Greer, M.D, began a research organization, 'Project Starlight' which has now been renamed as 'The Disclosure Project', this group is focused on proving that the theory of alien life forms existing is actually a true fact.

Most of us at some stage have asked ourselves that age old question,"Do aliens really exist?".

This organization has set about trying to identify military and government witnesses to UFO events as well as gathering other forms of evidence so that they can then prove the existence of our extraterrestrial neighbours. So far they have found and identified thousands of witnesses from around the world, spanning out across every branch of the armed forces, NRO, DIA, CIA and NASA. Over 100 of these testimonials have been tape recorded and 70 transcribed all resulting in a 4 hour summarised and recorded testimony and over 500 pages of briefing documents.

A former Army Sergeant, Clifford Stone, who previously had worked on top secret government projects is one of those witnesses and his statement was heard as part of the 'Disclosure project' conference held in 2001. Sergeant Stone admits to being involved in recoveries of crashed UFO type aircrafts and on some occasions even coming across bodies, dead and alive and claims that during this time he was able to catalogue 57 different species of alien life forms and alleges that some look very much like ourselves an could walk among us and we wouldn't even know the difference.

The government or any other agencies that have been involved in these matters clearly do everything they can to keep the information top secret and away from unwanted attention. If all of the evidence is true and these thousands of witnesses are right then why keep it a secret? Who is or are the governing body/bodies of these top secret missions and classified information? It has been said that even the president at that time was left out of the loop and denied access, so who has control and why?These are just some of the questions that arise when thinking of this topic.

If they really do exist then obviously they would have more advanced technology to that of our own and through testimony and evidence this is said to be the case and when their air crafts have landed or crashed on Earth they have been retrieved and closely studied. In such circumstances you can only imagine what new and more advanced methods and technology has been discovered and you can only question why it has been kept secret. These alien life forms have managed to exist with the majority of the human race either not knowing or not believing that they are out there, if a species can manage to do that for this amount of time then they would most certainly have the ability to create and sustain life much better than human kind, therefore these unknown individuals may hold the key to continuing our very existence before we wipe out our own planet from overuse and mistreatment.

Now after reading all of the information and taking a look at the links provided ask yourself that same old question,

"Do aliens really exist?"

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