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They live in a little white cottage, on the corner of a quiet street, in a rural town of less than 5000 people. Everyone knows them by sight or name and yes this is a friendly mid-west country town. They keep to themselves a lot of the time, working in their yard or in their home office.  They seem like a nice couple, and no one has any complaints about them.  They are a nice, friendly couple, and what happened to them, shouldn't happen to anyone.

 Upon entering their little home, you may at first feel at ease. It is comfortable and clean. They are surrounded by pieces of his art, bits and pieces they have collected together, and the little bits of country she has thrown in here and there. Yes, there are shields on the walls, and swords and daggers here and there, but mostly for design and not protection.

 Yet, if you walk around the house, you will start to notice a few, probably strange to you, things. For instance, all the windows are screwed shut, with sticks stuck in them to prevent them from being opened. The front door is screwed shut and has three locks on it. The back door, the one used for entering and exiting the abode has five locks.

 If you walk in the bedroom there are spears and swords criss-crossed against the window. There are shotguns on the bed and on the wall. There are sharp knives laying on the floor, close to the edge of each side of the bed. There is a bible on each side of the room, that finds its way to the bed every night when they retire. There are air pistols sitting close at hand.

 When they walk out the door to the car, you can see them putting shotguns in the back. She carries the pistols in her purse, and they are placed within reach inside the car. When they walk to the front to check the mail, you may see him carrying a pistol or a knife. When they are working in the back yard, you can bet there is a shotgun laying on the table, along with a pistol and a knife.

Why do they live like this? What could make them think they need that kind of protection wherever they go? And what about the town? A town, whose sidewalks and roads were bustling on summer nights with people walking around the square, and kids out playing until late at night. A town, where neighbors sat on their front porch until the late hours of the night socializing with relatives and other neighbors. A town, that is now quiet by ten, a town that seems to roll its sidewalks up at night. This, since the article in February, in the local paper. An article written by them, with photos that would cause the hair to rise on anyone's neck. The comments they received on the article seemed to indicate that a lot of the towns people had seen or had knowledge of strange things going on, but no one was brave enough to come forward and say anything.

Sometimes you will see them leaving the house in the evenings. The times vary, sometimes its around eight, sometimes around ten or eleven, and even after midnight, or around three in the morning. They will drive back in a few hours and quietly go into the house. No one knows where they go or what they do on this late night excursions.

 What's their story? What happened to them? Why does the whole town seem to shut down by 10 at night, even in the summer? Why do more and more people peak out the corners of their blinds, late into the night? Why are more guns laying on tables next to the beds? Why is the hardware store selling more locks, and why are there more dogs being bought by people in this town?

Simply this. They were abducted. Once, possible twice, maybe even three times. Neither one of them are able to work. They wanted a new hobby to help fill their time. They bought a digital camera and decided to take pictures of the beautiful country that surrounded them. On the spur of the moment one evening, they decided to try some night shots at a bridge where they had gotten an orb. They thought they might find some animals hunting in the woods, or maybe catch a few more spiritual orbs.

They came home one night around eleven, from a drive that usually took only 45 minutes. They were gone for an hour to an hour and a half longer. She thought it funny that the trip and taken so long, so on the next two nights they took recorders. After the pictures were downloaded, they found ones they had not remembered taken. There was a craft in front of the car, along with a creature standing right in front of the bumper. There were other figures milling around. The tape, oh my god , the tape! There was just too much on the tapes to explain it all.

There were other voices on the tapes besides their own. That of two other men saying some sexual slurs, and things like “ I love recon”, and “They're ready now”. With car doors being pulled open, a whimper from the drivers side as she was pulled out, and sounds of him struggling in the passengers seat. There was a buzzing sound, and then everything was quiet. On one of the tapes he spoke about an owl in the tree, and then he is screaming “its coming at me”. A photo taken in the house on one of these nights of an object with a small screen sitting on the hallway dresser, that neither one remembers seeing or taking indicates that someone or something had been in their house.

 The sad fact about all of this, is that they have no memory of it. They lost time for two nights that they know of. They were both physically sick and sore in areas of their body best left to the imagination. They have the voices of what seems to also be a human involvement with the pictures of the craft and the creature.

They sought help from organizations, until MUFON decided to investigate. They were told that they were probably abducted by aliens, that they probably came through a portal, and that there had been increased activity in this area with the paranormal and UFO indications. That wasn't much help. Although they were told they would be regressed, and there would be further investigations, nothing else has ever been done.

Is this the end of it? Not in the least. Their night runs are to different areas to take pictures. They may never fully know what happened, but they are certain there is much more going on out there than anyone else wants to admit. Their certainty?  It comes from the pictures they get on their runs. Not only have they gotten more UFO and alien shots, but paranormal, possible cult activity, and spiritual images.

They keep searching, researching and looking. This is their life now. Even though they may never fully understand all of it, it is important to them, to make it known for the protection of the town and people they care about. There are still odd things that happen. He has dreams about ships and blue people. She has some about being pulled out of the bed and out the bedroom window. They have heard noises during the night, such as radios playing in a distance, when there are none turned on, humming sounds and thumps, and footsteps outside the bedroom door.

No matter how extreme their precautions may seem, they have found real reason for these security measures. Still very much in touch with life, family and friends. This interest in moderation. They are like anyone else. They say their prayers at each meal and before they go to bed, they go to the library, and sometimes take walks around the square. 

Dimensions, time travel, alien abduction, flying saucers, mother ships, and close encounters are reported everyday. None have ever been completely proven, and even more have possibly been covered up by governments. There are more and more reports every day.  It makes one wonder if earth is a war zone for other entities, and are we just lab rats to them. The fact that strange things happen each day cannot be ignored, and eventually everyone will have to face the truth, WE ARE NOT ALONE.

Many neighborhoods within our own country, suffer the same way due to crime. There is a continued apathy on the part of our government, that leaves these problems and their solutions in the hands of these people. They are left alone to suffer these incidents, find their way emotionally and psychologically through them, usually alone, and then return to some form of regular life with this new knowledge they have, unable to ever really live the same.

There are reports everyday about Alien abduction. Is it mass hysteria? No, it happens. The sad fact is that all the research tells us that our Government has been well aware of these incidents for many, many years and has done nothing, apparent or secretive to rectify it. Why they would cover up such things as the MAJESTIC, Roswell, and Hangar 18 is beyond comprehension, and how much more are they covering up each day?

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