Alcoholism and Genetics

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"Alcoholism and Genetics"
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It's never been proved or disproved whether alcoholism is genetic or not. People drink because they choose to. Taking a drink once in a while has never hurt anyone to my knowledge.

People drink for a lot of reasons. Some drink for social reasons. Some drink at social gatherings such as home games of sports, just because they want to get together and have fun. some because they try to run from their problems. If people want to drink, they will find a reason to do so. Some just like the buzz.

Some drink because they've gone over the line, and have actually become alcoholics. They can go a long time drinking socially, but the time comes when the addiction takes over. You become dependant on the alcohol, as well as the mental disease that goes with it.

Alcoholics don't need a reason, they are ill, and that drink is their choice of medicine. A lot of times, if a child is raised with people who drink all the time, they usually choose to drink because it's a way of life, or they choose never to ever take a drink because of what life has been for them.

Alcoholics can come out of families who are tea totalers. Some follow the crowd. They drink because everyone else is drinking, not necessarily saying that they will become alcoholics, but it's not saying that they won't either.

It can start out to be a harmless drink now and then, and over a period of your life, alcohol turns your whole life upside down, sometimes ending in tragedy. Some people will do just about anything to get alcohol. Stealing, begging, whatever it takes. It's just as bad as drugs. Alcohol can be just as addicting.

I have several people in my family background who are alcoholics, and some that never took a drink. A lot of it has to be up to each and everyone of us. If it is genetic, you don't even have to take a drink to have the traits of an alcoholic. It's called a dry drunk, without alcohol.

I never saw this in myself until someone brought it to my attention. They told me that I was acting like an alcoholic without a drink. It really upset me, but I took stock in what was said, and I do have a lot of those characteristics. Thank God I don't drink.

Diagnosed alcoholics have certain traits that will show up whether they have been drinking or not. After a while, you can see the next binge coming on by the way they act. I need to explain something about the term I used when I said diagnosed alcoholics. No one has the right to take inventory on whether someone is an alcoholic or not. Only the alcoholic can say "Hi, my name is _____ and I'm an alcoholic.

My youngest brother was an alcoholic, even though he grew up in a home where alcohol was not a factor. He just got in with some boys that thought they were men. He was killed at age 27. He was hit by a car on a California freeway. They said his blood alcohol was so high that he shouldn't have been conscious, let alone running out in front of traffic.

My mother's family were pretty much all alcoholics, but my mother chose to go the other direction. She moved away from them when she was a young bride and mother, so her life had a chance.

I never knew what kind of a life my mother had until she was crying about the death of her younger sister. She opened up, and I couldn't believe the horror of what her life had been. Her father was drunk most of the time and the kids caught the brunt end of it. She always said that he was such a good man when he was sober. She always tried to justify what he did.

I ask her why grandma didn't do anything about the abuse, both physical and sexual. She said that grandma was a nervous person living in fear, so grandma sat in the rocking chair and rocked while she whistled. She'd stare out the window as though she was in another world at that time.

Mom's dad died when mom was twelve. He had three valves leaking in his heart. His drinking was a primary factor. He was 39 years old. If his heart hadn't given out, the alcohol would have killed him. Mom's older sister died with cirrhosis of the liver from alcohol. Mom's baby brother died from heart disease but was an alcoholic. He always said he wasn't, he was just a d__n drunk. I've seen it in my own family in every generation, so I do believe that genetics has a lot to do with it.

I choose not to drink. I don't even want to. It tastes terrible, and being sick just isn't my thing. I tried it many years ago, and I didn't like it. I've had some hard times, just as everyone does, but alcohol won't take the problems away. It only makes it worse. I always said, that I could have as much fun sober as everyone else did when they were drunk. I just never understood why I was the one who woke up with the headache. so that was my choice. What the others do has to be theirs.

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