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Ideas on eradicating AIDS?

The easiest way to eradicate AIDS and HIV is the one that so very often gets rejected vehemently by libertarians and left-wing social activists i.e. isolating the disease by putting people in a quarantined community. This should be a no-brainer. Sadly it is not and those that have the disease get the wrong rights protected.

The rights of the AIDS sufferer and carrier should first and foremost be to get the best healthcare possible. If that means the inconvenience of having to relocate and live in quarantine then so be it. The best doctors and scientists within the field should settle in the same place to monitor the effects of medicines. Scientists do not merely think that a cure is possible, they know that it is.

Lives are unnecessarily at risk when people can infect each other. If you isolate the disease you stop the spread. If you do not the disease spreads and millions die. Nobody is helped if human rights activists feel they have to protect AIDS patients from inconvenience. Quarantine is not the same as imprisonment though AIDS carriers in prison should also be quarantined.

The left-wing argument of "just use protection" (i.e. condoms) or the ludicrous right-wing argument of abstinence or "just say no". Prophylactic use is not one hundred percent effective, it is also voluntary and nobody likes condoms. AIDS will still spread as it has been proven to. How many more people need to die before people get it?

Another way to eradicate AIDS is to remove the perception that is a disease which affects only homosexuals, drug addicts, prostitutes and visible minorities or some combination thereof. These groups still face mainstream public indifference if not outright prejudice and loathing despite claims to the contrary by members of mainstream society who think they know the facts but do not.

As a result AIDS, I can absolutely assure the reader, is actually welcome to some people and viewed as punishment for activities they find an anathema. AIDS, and the pain, suffering and death it causes is a service to bigots of different kinds.

AIDS is not a gay disease or a black disease or a drug addicts disease or a prostitute's disease. Nor is it the punishment of a vengeful God whose existence and treatise is proven true by the disease and whom it effects.

Many religious fundamentalists, and far right-wing fanatics, are among the biggest fans of the AIDS virus for those bogus reasons and see absolutely no reason to do anything to impede its progress. Sadly these same people are very politically savvy and have great influence upon the political dynamics of the countries in which they live. They exert pressure to keep things as they are when millions could be saved.

AIDS is a disease which effects millions regardless of any manner of division. When the mainstream comes to this realisation it can mobilise en masse to form a plan of collective action. The political will, as it always does, should then follow

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