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AIDS and Population Control – No

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"AIDS and Population Control - No"
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First of all is AIDS of a natural origin? I will say absolutely not! I believe AIDS is a synthetic disease that was engineered in Department of Defense laboratories in response to a request from the World Health Organization. I know you have been told that the AIDS virus originated with the green monkey but I believe that is a lie.

If you remember AIDS hit the scene very heavily in the 1980s. It had massive coverage on the television, radio and newspaper. The public was worked up into frenzy over the deadly AIDS virus. But if you notice AIDS was wreaking havoc in Africa and was threatening the gay and minority populations in America. So is this disease prejudice? Is it out to get only certain groups of people? Or was it specifically targeted for certain groups of people?

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In the 1970s the World Health Organization, (WHO) conducted a campaign that was designed to eliminate small pox through a purported vaccination program This program was a cover up used to pipe this dreaded virus right into the soul of Africa. The next stop was New York and Los Angeles under the guise of the Hepatitis B vaccination a little research will uncover how the vaccine came into being and mysteriously pulled from the shelf. Gays in particular were invited to receive this free vaccination seeing that their lifestyle placed them at high risk for contracting the virus

By the opening of the next decade America is in panic with the help of the media. Live aid concerts, an assortment of news flashes and special reports placed America on the verge of hysteria. This only scratches the surface of this whole AIDS dilemma but for brevity I am going to traverse to the next point.

In the 1974 national security memorandum 200, governments were concerned about population growth particularly in Africa and they were urged to implement means to control growth. Why would President Nixon, elect $John D. Rockefeller III$ as chairman of the population growth commission? Sounds like a business plan starting to unfold. Many people may read this and become totally infuriated and you should. But don't be angry with this article be angry at those who have lied to you for the last three decades.

AIDS has ravished our planet so quickly that there are no real concrete statistics, but it is estimated that over one million Americans are living with AIDS right now. 16,000 people are infected daily globally, more than 10,000 humans die daily from it and if you add money into the equation we find an overflowing cash cow. A person could only guess how much medication and treatment would cost an AIDS patient. Take into account the pharmaceutical industry that provides AIDS medication and find a gold mine.

AIDS has to be unquestionably the worst catastrophe ever to hit mankind, I believe it is a weapon of mass destruction contrived to control and de-populate targeted masses of peoples. It is not a natural means, it is an unnatural bio-warfare weapon created by some of the worst enemies of mankind. You think this is outlandish? What about the Syphilis experiment on the men of Tuskegee where 399 men where inoculated with syphilis unknowingly and monitored by doctors as they would grind to their death.

Eric Pianka who is a professor at the University of Texas stated "the world would be better off with 90% of the human population dead". This statement was just made two years ago echoing the sentiments of other mad men like him in major positions. He used callous remarks referring to the excessive human populace as "biomass" and "scourge"

China executes its own citizens in order to harvest and sell their organs and we allow them to host the Olympic Games? They are so cold hearted that they have a fleet of what is called "Mobile Execution Chambers" to execute prisoners and extract their organs on the fly! From 1944 to 1994 America conducted radiation tests on its very own people. That's 50 years of testing done right under our noses! Read the Department of Defense Report on Search for Human Radiation Experiment Records 1944-1994. From 1940 to 1979 Britain subjected millions of its own citizens to chemicals, bacteria's and microorganisms under over 100 secret germ warfare tests.

There are so many plagues and dilemmas that we face and I firmly believe that they tie directly into population control but for the sake of time I will close on this statement.

I believe AIDS is a means to control population growth but it is not natural, my conviction is that it was contrived by men, which is very unsettling. And now that we have medicine that can extend and somewhat enhance the quality of life for those who contract HIV there are those who will resort to other means to continue in the plot to reduce the overall human populace.

America you better wake up! Governments around the world have conducted some of the worst acts toward its own people for various reasons and if you think AIDS showed up when some African ate a green monkey you are terribly duped.

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