After Einstein Faster than the Speed of Light Discoveries

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"After Einstein Faster than the Speed of Light Discoveries"
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I think our first faster than light communication system will used to eventually replace or modify the fiber optics systems we use now.

Gnter Nimtz and Alfons Stahlhofen of the University of Koblenz in Germany claim to have been able to blast a photon faster than the speed of light. They have been working on photon tunneling, a phenomenon that occurs when a photon slips across an apparently uncrossable barrier. They were send photons instantly across a barriers ranging from a few millimeters up to a meter.

Also particle physicist Dr. Lijun Wang of NEC Research Institute was able to transmit a pulse of light into a chamber filled with specially treated cesium gas, but before the pulse had fully entered the chamber it had gone right through it and traveled a further 60 feet across the laboratory, seeming to exist in two places at once, a phenomenon Wang explained by saying it traveled 300 times faster than light.

Finaly physicists in Italy think they has broken the light speed barrier also. In a newly published paper, physicists at the Italian National Research Council described how they propagated microwaves at 25% above normal light speed. The group speculates that it should be possible to transmit information faster than light.

These are just 3 examples of how we are so much closer to a faster than light communication system. With the speed that technology advances I would estimate it will take maybe 10 years before physicists are able to create a faster than light network that would be able to transmit information back and forth.

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