After Einstein Faster than the Speed of Light Discoveries

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"After Einstein Faster than the Speed of Light Discoveries"
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Original Title(before helium changed it): How to create a faster than light communication system

When I saw the article that started this thread I couldn't help but add my two cents worth. Now I am faced with writing an article that I do not have enough information to write on or just leave my article the way it is. I choose the latter and if I suffer in the ratings so be it.

What has been described as a faster than light communication system is much more. I first heard about quantum entanglement 8 years ago in 1999. It intrigued me. It sparked my imagination. I realized that this type of communication was not just faster than light it was also an un-intercept-able form of communication. What exactly does this mean and what is its relevance? Well, The US government will probably force Helium to delete this and all other articles on the topic on the grounds of National Security. In addition the US government will also probably claim eminent domain over all the research on this topic for the same reason. The reason is because not only is this faster than light communication but it is also the most secure form of Cryptography that can be conceived.

Cryptography is the act of writing in cypher or code. During my time in the military I was NOT made aware of any Cryptographic principles so I do not believe I am breaking any non disclosure agreements. However, anyone in the communications Field will see the benefit of an un-intercept-able form of communication.

No one is suggesting that by entangling two photonic particles we will somehow magically be able to make one travel faster than the speed of light from mars to earth. What is being suggested is that by entangling two photonic particles you can change the spin on one and instantaneously read that change on the spin of the other.
The principle of Quantum entanglement is well documented unlike voodoo. So by entangling billions of photonic particles we can separate half into a message sending device ( a device that can change the spin) and the other half in to a message receiving device ( a device that can read the spin) put the message sending device on mars and keep the message receiving device on earth. In this way we can change the spin of the photonic particles on mars and read that change instantaneously on earth with out the photons having to cross the separating distance. This violates no laws of physics only the preconceived notions of some as to how communication must be accomplished. I take exception to the setting up of straw men for the purpose of discrediting a reputable idea such as quantum entanglement.

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