Achieving Invisibility

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"Achieving Invisibility"
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What would you do if you could actually make something invisible?

I read an article at ( which stated that cloaking is now quite a real possibility. MSNBC News released a story called, "Cloak of invisibility: Fact or fiction?" which I found to be very interesting. Of course, the government is excited about the military adaptations (what would you do if you were at war, and you couldn't see the enemy?), but what would such a thing mean for the everyday human being? Supposedly, one of the few good aspects of it would be to help us to protect electronic equipment from harmful radiation; which, in turn, would maybe make space exploration safer for our future astronauts. Another plus (and seemingly more important) would be the possibility of cloaking acoustic waves in order to shield certain areas from seismic activity. Instead of just warning an area about an upcoming Earthquake, maybe we could prevent one from affecting a continent altogether. With all of the recent craziness that has come to pass within our environment over the years, it would be good to know that we could actually fight back against Mother Nature. If this technology actually comes to pass, I would urge every American to petition the government to apply it to practical, life-preserving, technology rather than a means of perpetuating war. The idea of our soldiers being better protected is comforting, but I would rather not have a need for them at all. Besides, other governments would more than likely come up with newer (deadlier) ways to combat the invisible enemy; an enemy that would lie within us.

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