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So you think it is unfair you have to go to work, take that bus and do those chores? Let it all go, and find peace through acceptance.

Acceptance may be equated with contentment. Many spiritualities advocate pure happiness through the cessation of resistance and desire, consenting to the nature of the world and your place within it. However, accepting things the way that they are does not mean that you necessarily like or approve of them; like and approval should not be confused with acceptance.

Instead agreeing to reality can be defined as tolerance, a state of mind in which you cease to struggle against what has happened, what is happening and what will happen. People who are able to accept things are less likely to suffer depression and anxiety about life.

Faith and belief are forms of acceptance. People who follow a religion, be it Islam or Christianity, have accepted certain truths often without question. In the past, such blind acceptance has been used as a means of control. For example, in medieval times, the Christian church told the masses to accept their suffering in this world and they would be rewarded in Heaven.

Acceptance of suffering was a part of Buddha's teachings: the first of his four Noble Truths states Life is suffering'. By accepting suffering as a natural part of life you take one step closer towards enlightenment. This is similar to the philosophy advocated by the Hindu sage Patarjali in his eight-fold path, which speaks of a release from resistance.

Societies often consist of a boiling pot into which is thrown a wide variety of people of differing size shape, color, age, gender and belief. When you think about it, it is no wonder that just as many intolerances bubble out, from an inability to accept the lifestyle choices of an individual or the religious philosophy of a group of people, to the chasm of differences in the outlooks between genders and generations.

It is a sad fact that tolerance is often stretched thin in the world. But by accepting people as they are and rejoicing in your differences, you will open yourself up to an exciting new world of cultural fusion, opportunities and experiences.

American author, Brendan Francis, wrote "Once we accept our limits we go beyond them".

You don't have to put up with everything that crosses your path but life will be a lot easier when you learn to stop struggling at every turn and embrace things as they are.

There are many things you accept every day without even thinking about it: the sky is blue, trees are green, the air that you breathe..

Ease a little of the stress out of your life by learning to let things go. Inhale, and accept that things won't always go your way, that not every day will run smoothly. Accept that some days you will forget your house keys or the car won't start or that you won't have time to do the laundry. Exhale and feel calm and relieved.

Learn to accept an apology graciously; don't let pride and resistance ruin a friendship.

Not everything in life is acceptable. There are certain modes of behavior that cannot, even in all generosity, be tolerated.

Coping with bullying, whether at home or work, is not acceptable. Bullying can irreversibly damage someone's self-confidence and self-esteem, making them feel useless and worthless. If you are being bullied, don't accept it. If it is at home, confide in a relative or close friend for support and advice. If it is at work, you should report the incident to your manager or to HR.

Taking people for granted is not acceptable. Show your appreciation for the kindness of others with a small gesture or work of thanks.

Are you someone who finds it hard to accept things that cannot be changed, who always works against the grain? When everything in life seems too convoluted, and you can't think what to do next, stop. Accept that you can't do it all. Don't let tension build up, instead prioritize what's important.

Decluttering your mind is a really good way to find peace and acceptance. There will always be things to do, so breathe deep, and then tackle one thing at a time. Also accept that it is important to find time to relax.

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