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Are You a Candidate for Tubal Ligation Reversal?

If you've had a tubal ligation and now want to become pregnant naturally, it's possible that you can by getting a tubal ligation reversal. You may not need to turn to in vitro fertilization. Most tubal ligations can be reversed successfully. The odds of success depend on your age and the type of tubal ligation you had done. A younger woman in her twenties that had a tubal ligation by Hulka clips your chance of success is higher than a forty year old that had monopolar tubal coagulation.

The down side is that not all women can have their tubal ligation reversed and some women who have the procedure done don't get pregnant. If you're under forty and your tubes were tied by traditional methods your chance of getting pregnant is seventy to eighty percent. If you have the microsurgery your chance of getting pregnant is about ninety percent. Your doctor will need your Operative Report and Notes to help determine if you're a tubal ligation reversal candidate.

To decide if you're a candidate for this procedure you doctor will think about these factors.

Were your fallopian tubes cut, tied cauterized, non-surgically blocked
Where in your fallopian tubes did your surgery happened
What is the length of your fallopian tube now
What is the state of health of your fallopian tube
How old are you

After a tubal ligation some women experience physical and emotional effects like increased menstrual bleeding, and cramps, depression, mood swings, and gynecological problems. Some women experience regret concerning their tubal ligation. If you're considering tubal ligation you should be educated and counseled before surgery. You need to understand its permanent nature and the risks of death (rare), side effects, the risks of anesthesia. Before the procedure you may experience a positive feeling of not having to deal with pregnancy again and the ability to limit the size of your family. Following the surgery at some point you may regret not being able to have children.

If you need help in financing your tubal ligation reversal some loan companies will help you. Some offer low monthly payments and you can get the surgery done and pay later. Some insurance companies have plans for tubal ligation; check your policy to see if they cover it. Some don't. Some doctors don't accept insurance for this procedure and make you pay ahead of time.

Your doctor may accept a credit card, a bank-to-bank transfer, cashiers check, personal check or Western Union transfer. You can also try to get a personal loan from your bank or try a loan company as there are some that will give you a loan to get a tubal ligation reversal operation.

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