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A Society of Pepetual Debt

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"A Society of Pepetual Debt"
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Imagine that all members of face book comprise the society of this country. And together we decided that we're going to climb this mountain that is known as perpetual debt. But remember that this mountain is not just a simple mountain, it's a majestic one because it has been said to perpetuate in debt every time we've fail to plant trees in a natural manner along its heights.

To prevent it from perpetuate, our ancestors have suggested that we form an organization that is responsible for planting trees along its path. They have also said without trees we'll have no water and without water, we'll have no way of surviving. We'll be at the mercy of our neighbors. And the next thing we should know about this mountain, is that our predecessors have been climbing it for centuries. And they used to plant lots of trees along its path - therefore; it was very easy for them to have climbed it, because they were never without any water.

However, something happened in the past which have caused the organizations that were responsible to plant those trees to be no longer interested in planting them. Those organizations had found it beneficial for them to have had their neighbors and friends plant their trees while they supplied them with the necessities that were required to do the job. It works so well, at one point our ancestors thought this was the best way to produce an indefinite supply of water. Regrettably, this was not a successful strategy; this strategy would leave behind a load that the future generation would not be able to carry.

And when they could no longer afford to have their friend's plants their trees, our ancestors decided to mass produce them by using fertilizers to grow trees faster instead of the natural method which have shown in the past to have produced a slow but a more sustainable growth. This process of fertilization has interns caused the mountain of perpetual debt to grow taller and bigger each time fertilizers are used.

For years this has gone on, meanwhile our ancestors have totally disregarded the concern of their predecessors. They thought by continued playing the middle men, that they would still be able to climb the mountain of perpetual debt without suffer any consequences. Unfortunately, tour ancestor's friends were able to find the secret of their success. And once that secret was discovered, their friends were no longer at their mercy.

The secret was said to be that our friends had found a niche of consumers from the mountain tops of most countries. These countries were in great need of their services. And through this thing known has the World Wide Web, our friends were able to sale their services to the World without our help. Their services were unbeatable; we could not afford to supply the same consumers with the same type of services at the same price. The cost we endured was far too much; our living expenses did not equate theirs. Ours was said to be in compliance with the height of our mountain. Which mean the higher our mountain of perpetual debt grew, the more costly our living expense would be. Whereas our living expense reflects how many trees we fertilized, theirs took into account the natural process of producing trees.

They friends new if they offered them cheap labor, sooner or later they would have been able to figure out the secret of their success. What their friends had plan for them was to have them capitalized in their production by having them depends on cheap labor. Their friends new if they were able to achieve that, our predecessors would no longer be able to foresee the consequences of the mountain of perpetual debt. At last, our pattern of success was finally revealed; it was no longer a good strategy for our predecessors to have had their friends plants their trees.

Surely enough, our ancestor's friends were no longer interested in planting trees for them; instead their friends were able to accumulate enough income to buy peaces of land from their mountain top of perpetual debt. This was often done to plant trees on land purchased as a means to alleviate our ancestors from this lack of water that they're now experiencing. This result have encouraged them to think how they have left their greed led them to this point.

Since our ancestors are now considered to be baby boomers, they can no longer work. It is now up to us, the new generation to carry out this perpetual debt that has been left behind for us. It has been realized by people of good concern, that the best way to go about solving this problem of perpetual debt is to escape ourselves from this current system. We should redesign a new system that is reliable and more sustainable, but for that to be possible, we must all participate. It will not be easy but if we try, step by step we can get there.

Perpetual debt is the process by which our ability to produce are over whelmed by our cyclical consumption. Which in layman's terms means that we have consumed too much debt to play catch up? We must find a better way to make this economy work in our interest without having to submit ourselves to this current system.

As Jacque Fresco argued The world is rich in natural resources and energy and that with modern technology and judicious efficiency the needs of the global population can be met with abundance, while at the same time removing the current limitations of what is deemed possible due to notions of economic viability. Where we go from now on is sorely depends on whether or not we choose to suspend our greed for the benefit of humanity.

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