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A Rational Explanation of Hallucinations

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"A Rational Explanation of Hallucinations"
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Consider the worlds of the individual person of sleeping state and waking state.

They are different in that in the waking state we are more mobile and physically active, moving our bodies in and through space more so than when we are in the sleep state; our eyes are also open.

In the sleeping state we are generally unmoving save the tossing and turning and our eyes are closed.

The two states are different but not separate yet a process. From gradations of deep sleep, we gradually emerge from light sleep into the beginnings of the waking state, each morning.

Not everyone does this process as fluidly and gradually as I have just outlined. Anyhow, while dreaming and in deep REM sleep, one experiences dreams.

Dreams to stay simple and not impose what I think they mean, are simply internal dramas or thematic and imagisitic experiences, much like one would have in daily waking life.

When we dream images arise and we experience them. We may experience erotic dreams with another person, or dream of flying through a blue sky, or of walking through a public area without any clothes on.

The visual and feeling parts are active, at least that is how I experience dreams.

It is said by scientists that the pineal gland is responsible for the creation of these dreams by a chemical DMT, dimethyltriptymine. This chemical is secreted during deep sleep at higher levels and thus give rise to vivid internal mental images and "plays" as we enter deep sleep.

Heres where I bring hallucinations into this article.

What if a so called "schizophrenic" was experiencing a JUXTAPOSITION of dreaming state overlapping into and co-mingling with the awakened state.

(Just for thought, dreams tend to be a juxtaposition of experiences melded and blended together like a personal scrapbook and when you juxtapose one juxtaposed reality, the dream state, on a different state of reality, the waking state there may occur some serious confusion.)

Awakened here does not imply any spiritual thing, simply pulling the head off the pillow and opening your closed eyes from sleep to awaken.

Hallucinations are said to be images imposed on the waking reality of real substance and reality just as much real as the reality of going to work and seeing your coworkers alongside the flaming demons skipping up and down the aisles.

I would venture to propose that the pineal gland, and whichever chemicals and brain organs responsible for our dreaming while we sleep is active in the so called "schizophrenic" and the hallucinations they experience during waking life.

That is to say while one is awake one is also asleep and dreaming.

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