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A look at the characteristics and geology of the Ozark Mountains

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"A look at the characteristics and geology of the Ozark Mountains"
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The Ozarks or Ozark Mountains (as they are commonly referred to) are among the oldest mountainous ranges in the world, dating back to prehistoric times. The ranges are located in northern and north central Arkansas as well as southeastern Missouri and southwestern Oklahoma. This tri-state area is known for its' extensive quarry or rock formation found within the many caves sequestered in the region.

Consequently, American tourists visiting the area will soon learn of a popular adventure among the locals: Caving has been reduced to an art form whereby the practitioner will find it exhausting yet physically exhilarating from participating in such a strenuous sport.

Thus exploring the area will not only educate you to the geology of the area, but also be a fun-time for the entire family.

Yet, if you are traveling Interstate 40 from Memphis, then a slight detour at the intersection of U. S. Highway 71 and I-540 will take you to the Boston Mountains scenic loop. This is Arkansas's most interesting driving tours and motorcycle routes; or, in the words of that fabled sage of old, the most hallowed spot on God's green earth. The Boston Mountains will take your breath away while touring the area as you will see. This mountainous range is located in north-central Arkansas, but once you have had your fill of this spacious terrain you can follow U. S. 71 back to I-40 which will take you to those rolling hills of the Ozarks.

The geology of the Ozarks can be marked by four distinctive characteristics: The ethnic and cultural as well as the topographic and geologic. You will soon be lauded by the way these mountain folks will play out their lives while you are among them. It is a clash of cultures but one founded on the gaudy pre-cepts of rugged individualism, nonetheless. 

The next characteristic that you will experience is the topographical. Topography works well with the GPS. The GPS tool (global positioning system) can be harnessed in such a way that will enable you to find your way to any destination without going through the mundane procedures of asking questions. With this device, you will be able to discern your way to the Ozarks by following a pre-determined path. However, topographic mapping should not be confused with geologic mapping, the two are very dissimilar.

Topographic mapping is how you align your GPS with the contour lines on the map, while geologic mapping is nothing more than allowing the GPS to help you find your preferred destination; in this case, those Ozark Mountains. 

The geology of the Ozarks is the symmetrical beauty of the area. The best time to visit this 8th wonder of the world is in late spring when those ever-green shrubberies will have you oohing and awing at the wonders of Mother Nature. 

Finally, experiencing the educational wonder of the Ozark Mountains will be a breath of fresh air from the humdrum ness of life. It would be an experience that would last you a lifetime that would be cherished by family members for many years to come.

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