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A look at Jellyfish Wondrous Creatures of the Sea

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"A look at Jellyfish Wondrous Creatures of the Sea"
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New scientific treatment for Jellyfish stings. It uses glycosaminoglycans to "tell" the jellyfish nematocysts that your skin is the same as the chemical content as the jellyfish therefore the nematocysts do not fire. Has other specific chemical components that stop the pain of those that have already fired also. Great stuff. Information is below. Be careful out there.
Ice, alcohol or fresh water causes more pain; rinse with sea water but salinity of less than 3.5% causes more pain; touching affected area causes more pain; using normal water as base product causes more pain; without glycosaminoglycans, Ca2+ and Mg2+ positive ions, and other bases that bind the acids newly found in the neurotoxins. This neutralizes the nematocysts already on the skin.
Jellyfish are found all over the world: Atlantic, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Pacific all oceans. Multiple scientific publications from all over the world are tracking movement, populations and the increasing number of human contacts or stings. In the Chesapeake Bay area in 2005, over 500,000 beach goers were stung by jellyfish. Predictions for 2008 are shocking:
"Due to over-fished waters off the Atlantic, the swarms of jellyfish will be much larger with much higher numbers drifting closer to human contact points the beaches. Predictions are: > 600,000 for the Chesapeake Bay, > 300,000 along South Carolina shores and > 350,000 along Florida East Coast. Approximately 70 will end in death."

Stop-Sting Jellyfish Sting Treatment Kit comes with 8oz spray bottle of Stop-Sting, tentacle tweezers and a nettle card. It is very important to read the detailed instructions WELL BEFORE the time you need to apply Stop-Sting.
Stop-Sting is NOW Available from InterPax Technologies in the US. Address and pricing is below.
Be ready with the ONLY PROVEN and SCIENTIFIC research-based treatment with a high rate of success (96-98% efficacy) on most all of the stinging species of jellyfish. Keep Stop-Sting on hand every time you go to the beach. REMEMBER:
1. Place Stop-Sting in the sun to warm it up and
2. Read the instructions thoroughly BEFORE you need Stop-Sting .
Thank you for making Stop-Sting the #1 over-the-counter jellyfish sting treatment.

Send US$30.00 (includes shipping) for an 8oz spray bottle with kit. Make checks payable and send to:
172 Milligan Lane
Johnson City, TN 37601

Delivery will be in approximately 2 weeks.

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