A look at Grace Kaos Multiracial Study

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"A look at Grace Kaos Multiracial Study"
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A look at Grace Kao's Multi-racial Study and Comments

I was very fortunate to come across Grace Kao's study on Multi-racial studies. You see, my whole family has multi-racial lines. I feel qualified to write on this subject, because I am a retired nurse, who has treated and taken care of many multi-racial Patients and my family is also multi-racial.

Most people have or give the impression that this is something new, when its been around for generations.

I am an African American that is almost 70 years old and my Great-Grandfather was half white, as his father was white and his mother was half black and half Cherokee Indian. My Great Grandmother was black. After my Great-grandmother died, he (Papa) as we called him came to live with us when I was five years old-around 1943 and lived with us until he died. I don't remember just how old he was, but, he was an old man then and had a stroke shortly after he came to live with us.

Now my Grandmother married a man who was half Black9father being black and Mother being Cherokee) who was my Grandfather. This was my Maternal side. My Father's side was all black as far as I know, as his parents died when I was very young and don't have much history about them. We, my siblings and I were always Black.

My children , 1 daughter and 3 sons married black spouses and 1 son is married to a white woman and they now have a beautiful 13 year old girl. She has no problems with her racial background. Her black grandmother(me, Granny) and her white grandmother both show her our love. She loves to go places and do things with either of us.

She is an A student in school and has been since first grade. She's now an 8th Grade student and loves it. She also loves to read and is a typical teenager.

As I said earlier, her Maternal grandmother is white and has been married to both a white husband and a black husband, having 2 white children and 1 black child. Her daughter that is married to my son is well adjusted and is the oldest of her mother's children. She is well educated, has a degree in Business, and one in Engineering. Both of them has good jobs.
Her other two daughters , 1 has not been married and the daughter that's been married, has been married twice and has two boys, 1 from each marriage. She was married twice to white men (she's black) and the only problem she had before marriage to the first one was because of her race. His mother had racial issues, but they married anyway. It didn't last long.

There are still those that oppose inter-racial marriages, but, in our small town of 20,000 people, everywhere you go there are bi-racial children, black/white, Mexican/black, Mexican/white, and Asian/black, Asian/White. our town is truly a melting pot.

If Census were taken here now. Approx 1/8 of the population of our town is bi-racial. Fifteen years ago it was far fewer.

Bi-racial status started long years ago, it just wasn't as prevalent and wasn't talked about. But everyone knew.
How many studies and Analysis' has been done on this. There is nothing new under the sun.

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