A look at Central American Rainforest Amphibians

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"A look at Central American Rainforest Amphibians"
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Many amazing creatures can be found throughout Central America's rainforests. But Central America's amphibians and aquatic animals are the most unique. So, let's take a short look at the different varieties that can be found throughout Central America's rainforests.

Poison Dart Frog: If you haven't seen pictures of these amphibians, take a look. There are so many varieties that they all have very colorful and unique markings. They are called poison dart frogs because the indigenous people of Central America used the frogs' poison in their dartspretty self-explanatory. Also, they are brightly colored in order to warn predators to stay away. Even though these little guys are small, they are fierceand have effective ways to protect themselves.

Pink River Dolphin: Sounds strange, doesn't it? Not something you'd expect to find in Central America, but you can. The pink river dolphin lives in the fresh water of the Amazon. Their colors can range from bright pink to a grey color.

Black Caiman: These are related to the common alligator. The black caiman also lives in fresh watermainly in the Amazon Basin. Its hide is so popular and trendy; the black caiman has sadly become nearly extinct. Also, they can grow up to 20 feet long. They are incredibly large and powerful predators.

Salamander: Just like the poison dart frog, the salamanders in Central America are brightly colored and very unique from each other. One very unique thing about salamanders is their ability to regenerate lost limbs.

Tree Frog: Tree frogs have been characterized in many cartoons; they are usually cute and charming. But in reality, these incredible amphibians can jump over something that is 150 times longer than they are. That is said to be the equivalent of a human jumping over the Titanic. These green-bodied, red-eyed amphibians are actually nocturnal. They are also sometimes known as the red eye leaf frogs.

These are just a few of the amazing amphibians and aquatic animals found in the majestic rainforests of Central America. They are all important parts to the ecosystemwithout them, many other species would become extinctjust like these creatures are becoming.

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