A look at Black Holes

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"A look at Black Holes"
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Black holes are one of the Universe's most furious and most deadly types of objects out. Black holes can come from anywhere and can suck in anything including light itself! When a black hole is formed, they start having cosmic belches which are streams of gamma rays flowing from opposite sides. These belches are extremely deadly and can stretch out for light-years! If Earth were to be in the way of these rays then the Earth would be completely destroyed! It would disrupt the ozone like tissue paper and melt the Earth to a crisp!

Black holes are also categorized from a small black hole to a super massive black hole! These super massive black holes are so powerful that they can consume the planet Jupiter in a matter of seconds, or even dissolve the sun. These black holes can be 2-100 billion times the size of our sun! These monsters are even in the middle of each galaxy. Astronomers have proven that in every galaxy is a super massive black hole. This makes the galaxy spin on its axis. With every black hole is another piece of matter ripped from the Universe. If an astronaut was to be sucked in then he/she would have the spaghetti effect, in which the astronaut would become a strand of spaghetti and be sucked in. They would die in the black hole in a matter of seconds!

Black holes can be so hot that they will dissolve anything! They can be over 12,000,000 degrees F or more! If a the great red spot of Jupiter was compared to a black hole it would be a breeze compared to a black hole which means that black holes are very powerful! At times black holes can be just drifters in the Universe; other times they can be a destructive monster; rare times black holes can collide into each other causing them to be "survivor of the fittest". If the smaller, less powerful black hole gets consumed by the more powerful black hole, this causes the winning black hole to become more powerful. This can make a black hole become ten times its regular size!

Even though black holes are black and unseen, you can detect them in the far distances of space. Black holes are black so that means light is a circle around a vast darkness in the middle or light starts to twist in a spiral to the middle of what seems like nothing. Black holes can be powerful and destructive so these monsters are the ruler of the Universe. With the cause of black holes the Universe trembles in its power. The black hole could soon be the death of the Universe, which could be plausible.

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