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"A Journey into the Mind"
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"Above all else, it seems to me that it is our role as human beings always to join learning to loving-kindness. Learning to learn, learning to love, and to be kind are so closely interconnected and so profoundly interwoven, especially with the sense of touch, it would greatly help toward our re-humanization if we would pay closer attention to the need we all have for tactual experiences." (Ashley Montagu, _Touching - The Human Significance of the Skin_)

A journey into our mind is an adventure and an opportunity to learn about our true nature.

What is mind? Do we have a mind? Where is our mind located? These are some questions for a curious and adventurous human being and perhaps are important questions we can ask our mind during our mediation experience. However, I suggest that once you ask a question, be prepared for an answer by maintaining an open-mind, without any judgment. Accept whatever comes to your 'mind's eye.' In other words, don't censor any thought or observation that appears or arrives in your vision or landscape. Perhaps you may receive a phone call from a distant friend who has something of value to report or announce. A bird may deliver a message to you or your dogs may encourage you to take a walk with them so that you can discover an answer to your questions. Stay open to all possibilities when you are curious and wish to learn more about yourself, your relationships, about your mind or even about your future.

I recall during some of my meditation trainings that there are many forms of meditation and many more techniques that you can use to help your mind become open, accepting, appreciating and allowing for all that exists in our universe and beyond. Today with our Internet, we can add the concept of meditation in a search engine and get more information, assistance and resources than you will have time to explore. Never mind, just be aware or conscious of all of your actions, desires, fears, insecurities, prejudices, concerns and problems. Get to know your/our mind as it includes everything that exists in our universe. We can fill our minds with questions and thoughts or just leave them alone and allow them to freely pass through on their way to the beyond. These thoughts are like clouds floating in the sky or waves coming into shore. As you observe them, you will discover that our mind is attracted to everything and loves to observe these interactions and relationships.

One of the more important observations that I have made during the past few months with my meditation practice is that we are all an integral part of Nature. We are not separate from all that is or exists in our universe and beyond. We are connected and united with the whole of all that is. What affects one, affects all. In some instances, and I use this concept only to make a point, as there is No Time in Nature. Our true nature has no time and operates in rhythms and cycles, like Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. As Buckminster Fuller describes, we are all moving through space on Spaceship Earth. Oscar Ichazo reminds us that because we have No Time, there is No Position to be attached to, and without this attachment, there is No Contradiction in Nature. Thus, with awareness and mindfulness of No Time, No Position and No Contradiction, we can experience total Interaction with all that is. All of our 'inhabitants' of fear, ignorance, prejudice, greed, jealousy, impatience, intolerance, etc. can be transcended and we become one with Nature-without judgment.

Furthermore, I have learned that nature is my guide to further knowledge, understanding and appreciation for being human. Every moment and every day will bring new opportunities to engage and interact with God's creation with us as a vital part of the whole.

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