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The science that studies animal life and behavior is called zoology. Zoologists are those trained to study the behavior and characteristics of animal life. While a zoologist may be interested in the findings of an archaeologist, the major difference between the two is that one studies live animals, the other dead animals.
I will be concentrating on three famous zoologists and their contribution to our understanding of zoology.

Animal and human behavior have many similarities as Desmond Morris discovered. He was born in England, January 24th, 1928. In the 1950's he was a contributor to Zoo Time, a television program, and quickly became famous for his controversial view. He postulated that humans are governed by strong animal instincts and that human behavior could be explained by the same principles upon which animal behavior is founded. His theory was attacked and critiqued for what some saw as unscientific, incomplete and overly simplistic. Oh how testy we become when we as humans are compared to animals. He however, had many admirers who applauded him for applying a new approach to the study of human behavior.

He is called the father of Parasitology. Karl Georg Friedrich Rudolf Leuckart, was born in Germany, 1822. After graduating with a M.D degree, he went off to the North Pole to study marine invertebrates. His findings there, supported the developing idea that you can trace evolution by looking at structural changes. But he was most famous for his work on vertebrae infections, primarily tapeworm and trichinosis. While he didn't discover the existence of the trichina spirals(pork worm) in pigs, he documented its existence in humans and pigs which contributed to the birth of Germany's meat inspection laws. He was also became a professor in zoology at the University of Leipzig at age 28, and developed, many scientific wall charts that are used as a teaching aid, around the world.

She is famous for her 45 year study of the social and family life of the chimpanzee. Dr Valarie Jane Goodall was born in England, April 3rd 1934 and was interested in animals from an early age. She is best known for discovering that chimpanzees, made tools which they then used to get their food. Previously, it was felt that this was a skill attributed only to humans. She is a strong advocate on behalf of the chimpanzee and has established the Jane Goodall Institute which is concerned with research and protection of the chimpanzee.

This is just a sampling of the many famous zoologists who have made great contributions to our understanding of the animal species. Their research is both enlightening and controversial and allows us as humans to get a greater understanding and appreciation of animal behavior and in so doing, our own behavior.

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