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A Guide to Backyard Geology

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"A Guide to Backyard Geology"
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Backyard geology can be a fascinating hobby with little or no investment.Backyard Geology begins with you developing an eye for different shapes, colors or other things that will catch your eye and compel you to bend over and pick up a stone.

Since the earliest days rocks were considered by man to be talisman, medicine and even Gods. Stones were the first jewelery, and of course Gold is still highly valued today. Rocks can be made to glow in the dark,(some rocks show only their true colors
when exposed to black-lights!)

When you realize that the rocks in your own back yard tell the tale of earths history, always changing evolution, fire, storms,volcano's and how the earth never
ceases to move, molding new shapes, colors, well you have a very large and very interesting story that is waiting to tell you their secrets.

Use of metals (rocks) use can be traced back to at least 600 years and actually gave names to eras as in the Bronze and Stone ages.

To get started all you need is a 4 power magnifying glass, a magnet and a library card to get some basic books on what you are looking at and how they were formed by millennia of turbulence that fused them to what they are today.

As an old "Rock hound", I can attest to the joy that a bucket of old rocks, cleaned with water and a little dish soap can bring you, as you look through your magnifying glass and see how different angles and light change the appearance.

Having an "eye" for terrain is developed with lots of practice. For example, if there is a depression that may only be a few feet wide, and perhaps a couple of inches deep, you may have discovered an old streambed.
Or look at the rocks lying on top of the ground verses 3 inches deeper and you will realize the earth is continuously moving and shifting. Who knows you may be sitting on an old Gold-Vein! But if not,you will enjoy many hours of fun and learning, so get your friends and family together for a hike to collect rocks. And as there is over 25,000 different combinations of these natural beauties out there, don't you think you should get busy?

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