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A Guide to Backyard Geology

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"A Guide to Backyard Geology"
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Who needs a plant garden when you can have a rock garden? Never mind the fact that you do not need to worry too much about unwanted weeds growing up through your rocks, or having to trim back that big rock in front of your bay window every year, or have your neighbors scowl at you for watering your prized rock in your front year, rocks are better than plants for many other reasons also; and here are just a few.
Rocks shape our landscape above and below the surface by creating hills and valleys, redirecting water to the path of least resistance and by popping out of the ground in an outcropping. From the sparkling glint of quartzite to the twisting lines of schist to the many varied appearances of a granite, rocks can provide enough different sizes, shapes, colors and textures around your home and lawn to suit any desired effect you can dream up. In addition to aesthetics, rocks tell the history of the Earth itself as well as life on Earth leading right up to the past and shaping of your local community. Once one knows the general geology of the region and some history from over the past 150 years one can pick out many local rocks uses in the very area ranging from the old homes, roofing, churches and buildings built from local rocks to modern uses in roads, bridges, railways, monuments and many other necessary uses as well as decorative uses for a favorite rock. What better tour could you give a guest around your home than one displaying interesting looking rocks which each holds fascinating stories about the local history or possibly an explanation for past occurrences on our planet?

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