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A Guide to Backyard Geology

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"A Guide to Backyard Geology"
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What if we could travel through time to see the changes to our planet after millions of years have passed. Sometimes a trip back into time can be found in areas in your own back yard. The yard itself has been there all along, but has changed because of the elements. However, that very spot can provide some interesting looks into the past.

There are undisturbed parcels of land that for thousands of years have never been touched, or walked upon just waiting to be explored. Those areas are the more exciting places for which to look for clues as to what may have been, or what may have happened from the time this planet was born till present day.

When you're really think of it, these areas have been there since before humans were even on this planet.
Perhaps over millions of years, vegetation and growth may have changed the over all appearance, but the land has been there since day one. Totally virgin available for exploration.

One of the ideal places to look are the roads that run by a river.
Often a river itself has carved its way over thousands if not millions of years, often leaving exposed areas that go back to the stone age. Just as the Grand Canyon is filled with records of change, so is land we are familiar with right in our own area.

It's just that in the short amount of time that we live, we just don't see those changes except for what we how we change the land. Whenever we travel, and we see undeveloped land, imagine the changes to that landscape over millions of years.

It holds a history of changes that are recorded within that area, and the excitement comes from unlocking the mysteries to that history.

What can you expect to find? With nothing more than a small shovel, a pick, A high powered looking glass, You can be on your way to making fantastic discoveries, perhaps that no one has ever seen before. Who can tell what lay under the surface of any area until you decide to look.. By collecting rock samples , you can build a history of what once was by using what is available at the library to do research based on what you have discovered.

Rocks tell an interesting story, as well as providing something that can be beautiful to look at. What kind of fossils can you find? Since the surface changes over time, what was once a lake could be a forest. That said by digging the site you can uncover many interesting artifacts that when investigated can provide what has been going on in that particular area over the thousands of years of being virtually untouched.

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