A Great Telescope for Bird Watching Ship Watcing and Viewing the Moon

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"A Great Telescope for Bird Watching Ship Watcing and Viewing the Moon"
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The Celestron Powerseeker 60Az Telescope provides excellent land views. However, it does give a beginner a clear image of the moon. The lens is only 60 mm, which does not provide a large enough area to see distant sky objects. It comes with a lightweight tripod that vibrates when touched.


The size of the lens and the magnification work together to make finding objects in the sky difficult. It only will cause frustration to those who have never used a telescope. It has a tiny viewing hole. This telescope does not have tracking so a user, not familiar with the rotation, will have to find the distant object again after on 20 seconds using high magnification. The lightweight tripod makes the telescope vibrate also reducing the enjoyment of using it. It has many plastic parts.

Do not expect to view the planets with this telescope as the lens is too small. Adding magnification (changing the eyepieces) will only cause the objects to become unfocused. The 20-mm eyepiece gives the best views of the universe. This is not a good telescope for students pursuing a career in astronomy. The barlow piece included with this telescope is too powerful for it. The focus is off and blurred images are all that the viewer sees.


The telescope does have great optics. They are just not appropriate for viewing the sky. Bird-watchers and spies will find this telescope handy and useful. Also, it works well for viewing the moon and getting a sense of distance. The telescope allows people to get a feel for the sky. Users can upgrade the eyepieces on this telescope. It is easy to assemble the telescope. Satisfied customers were those who used the telescope for ocean and lakeside viewing. The telescope is portable and easy to move from room to deck to outdoors.

The Celestron PowerSeeker 60AZ is great for people wanting to get an introduction to astronomy. The telescope will allow people to view the moon and some stars. However, to see deep sky objects and the planets this telescope fails miserably.

The best way to choose a telescope is to join an astronomy club and go to a star party. Here, a person learns about telescopes and their limitations. Members share their telescopes with party-goers. Using a number of telescopes helps a person know which telescope to choose. The Celestron Powerseeker is not a good telescope for sky study.

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