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57 Species, The answer to "Are we alone"

Have you seen the You Tube clip with Clifford E. Stone. He claims that they had already categorized 57 species of aliens that had visited the earth by 1989. That is not surprising in the least. Still people ask the same old question over and over again "Are we alone?".

If you really look into it, we have never been alone. There are Egyptian and Incan writings that depict beings and craft like what we are now being told about. For years people have reported sightings of Aliens and Alien spacecraft, only to be told it was their imagination or a military activity. So basically or great government has been lying to us.

My question is why the government doesn't admit to their existence. What is the purpose of trying to hide something like this. It can't be because they fear the people of the world will panic. If that's the case they have been watching too many science fiction movies. If we were so weak minded that we would panic at this, then we would panic everytime someone reported a sighting.

If our visitors were hell bent on destroying us, we wouldn't be here now. They would have taken care of the job a long time ago. Really, think about it. My research says that there are incidents about aliens and spacecraft sightings logged all the way back as early as 1930. But that's just in this country.

If you go to Egypt, or South America and look at the writings from ancient times, and the etchings in the caves, aliens have been with us for thousands of years.

Most Christians would probably tell you that there is no such thing as life on other planets. The Bible doesn't mention them, however, if you read your Bible correctly, it doesn't discount them either. The Bible mentions fire falling from the sky, monsters, angels and more. If God could create this earth we live on, what would stop him from making life on other planets also.

They mention on this clip that there are several types of "grey's". If you watch the clip and look really careful at the pictures and drawings, you will see that even when they get to the reptilians and other species, they all have several things in common.

They all have oversize, slanted eyes. They all have thin lower facial features, and a larger cranium. Almost all of them are skinny and spindly looking. Some of them have tails, and some don't. Some have scales and some don't, but I could swear that I have seen all of these before on late night TV. It is hard to tell if the pictures are real or just good artistic creativity.

It doesn't matter. Just the idea of us being the only living beings in the universe is absolutely absurd. The fact is that there is not only the probability of UFO's but USO's as well. (Unidentified subterranian objects). New species and creaturesa are bing discovered every day in our many bodies of water.

So, then the next question is "why are they here?" . Well you might as well ask why deer are here, or why birds are here, or why are we here? We live here. Chances are that sometime in the past, their planet became inhabitable and they needed a new place to live.

Maybe they destroyed their planet the same way we are destroying ours. We are busy destroying ours more and more every day, and eventually what is left of us will have to venture out and find a new planet to live on. And they will too!

So now that we have accepted the fact that we are not alone, we must accept the fact that they will be here for as long as we have. If they have survived since the Ancient days of Egypt, they may outlive us. The fact of the matter is that they are not bothering us, they are just trying to live.

So maybe we should let them live, accept the fact they are here, just as we accept the fact that there are so many other races on this planet. Basically that is what they are, just another race of beings.

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