57 Aliens Employed by our Guys

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"57 Aliens Employed by our Guys"
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57 Alien Species Employed By Our Guys
Sergeant Stone was involved through the military, so in his testimony he doesn't count as an unbiased observer to whatever events or persons he is referencing. However, my father taught me to give everyone the "benefit of the doubt" before casting my opinion. Therefore, my opinion is that there is something going on, and he isn't telling it to us straight.
I think that the ambiguity of hard evidence mixed with pseudo-scientific language suggests that he was telling only the barest tip of the iceberg of what he knew, and was struggling to not let any details slip. And not just to keep the secret for the special club; I imagine that he also needs to keep certain knowledge away from the masses because they wouldn't understand some of the things he would try to explain. They could go out of control with some sort of powerful reaction to the information, and it could have very harmful effects. The information will have to be known someday, but the current generation of torch bearers is stalling out of fear.
"Aliens" is a great explanation to cover up something more threatening to civil peace. For example; psychoactive drugs that really do take you somewhere to learn things from "aliens" with applications in our world that are very tangible? A genetically altered human that is a new species and so is, technically, an "alien"?
As infuriating of a concept as it may be, those kinds of things are not what you learn on the evening news. They are concepts that take years to get ready to understand, or at least hours. Otherwise we will probably take the first bit of information, misinterpret it, and be unable to understand anything said afterward pertaining to it. There is no way to explain it properly in the quick world of news.
To those who are hopeful, the "disclosure" of knowledge of Extra Terrestrial Intelligence is always exciting. It confirms half-formed thoughts, explains dreams, and definitely puts a new spin on the day.
To those who are reserved but interested, people who worked with the government are automatically given more respect than the "cuckoos"; when a military man weighs in on the issue of particular aliens really existing, on a subconscious level, the reserved become a little less so.
To those who are cynical, the question remains; how much does the government gain from lying over telling the truth? Are those 57 aliens really just a stretching of truth and a fluffing of imagination for the political gain of a few?
I think the sooner we know the full truth the better. I pity those who think they must lie, like Sergeant Stone, because it must be hard not to correct people's misconceptions at cocktail parties. Then again, I don't have a career to lose over it.

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