57 Alien Species we are not alone

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"57 Alien Species we are not alone"
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Headlines read, "57 Alien Species, We are not alone!" When Sergeant Clifford Stone revealed in the Disclosure Project the federal government had identified 57 alien species, responses were varied. Some thought, "I knew it!" Others thought, "Wow! There's that many." However, most thought Mr. Stone(d) had been sampling government issued "wacky tobacco," confusing fantasy with reality.

As for me, I believe! I have witnessed three UFO sightings, all within a short distance of Mt Adams in Washington State. I have a childhood memory of our family driving out of town to a place where a UFO landed, leaving a burnt circle in the grass on the hill. The problem with the memory is that no other family member remembers it. Another time multiple witnesses saw two lights that came from one horizon and were flying side by side like two planes, except, at one point the lights zigzagged before disappearing over the other horizon. The third sighting was in early spring and on the night of the full moon. I looked out my window at Mt. Adams and saw four bright lights shaped like the cup of the big dipper. My first thought was that those stars sure were bright for a full moon. About then it registered that what I thought was stars were actually in front of the mountain. All of a sudden the four lights turned into three and then two and just as the last light disappeared I saw the reflection of the moonlight on the bottom of the aircraft, just as it was banking to the east. I just stood there staring out the window trying to decide what I had just witnessed. What I saw was triangular in shape and disappeared over the horizon in an instant.

I told my husband what I saw and we both laughed a bit before falling asleep. Suddenly, in the middle of the night, I woke to the force of my hand being thrown aside. "What the hell are you doing?" I sat up asking what had happened and he said I had my fingers stuck in his belly button and "was going in." He said I may have been abducted but he was not interested in being probed. I have no explanation for what happened.

When I think about the possibility of alien life visiting or living on our planet I think of a person I met in Arizona who claimed he was an alien sent to monitor human activities, that numerous aliens from his planet was doing the same thing, and his species wasn't the only ones observing human behaviors. I remember thinking that he believed it whether I did or not.

Our area attracts many UFO enthusiasts. In fact, the first UFO reported was by a commercial pilot between Mt. Rainier and Mt. Adams. This sighting was a few years before the crash in Roswell. There is also a retreat for viewing the lights of Mt. Adams on the Trout Lake side. The owner claims to have had several encounters and that the aliens will come when summoned, if you believe.

I have had lengthy conversations with someone who claims to have met clones of alien species that live in underground encampments on the side of the mountain, sent here to alter our DNA for our benefit. They too claim we are not alone. I jokingly tell him that he has an active imagination and that he should write a book. He agrees that it is pretty unbelievable but his details never change. Again, he believed it even if I wasn't sure.

Then I read, "Behold a Pale Horse," by William Cooper. He claimed that as a member of military intelligence he saw documentation of alien life at Roswell and underground sites on federal land where alien technology is exchanged for the US authorized abductions, and it all made sense, we are not alone.

In fact, judging by some of those ancient cave drawings, I'd say they have been visiting earth for a long time, probably in many forms. Perhaps our recent leaders are alien. Perhaps identifying 57 is just the beginning and soon all mankind will know, "We are not alone!"

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