57 Alien Species are we alone in the Universe

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"57 Alien Species are we alone in the Universe"
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As an avid sky gazer, I can affirm with assuredness that we are not alone in this Universe. I can say that because I have walked down the street minding my own business and my thoughts are interrupted by by something saying "look up" at that moment when I look up, I am seeing something that appears to be a flying saucer, metallic silver and round, among the clouds. What influenced my thoughts at that particular moment to look up? To avoid an accident that was about to happen would be what I surmise to be the answer.

The Beings I believe are here to aid the human beings on earth. Especially those who are striving to live a good life in a righteous manner. On another occasion, I was driving eastbound on 87th Street near Stony Island Avenue in the right lane behind a bus. The thoughts came to me to move over meaning into the left lane. Not 10 seconds later an accident occurred between the bus and the car that took my place in the right lane. These things are amazing when spoken about because we usually don't pay attention to our thoughts. I believe the Creator sends these aliens in many forms to aid us in our day to day lives as human beings.

I usually refer to them as Angels because depending on the quality of our hearts determines the type of service they perform. If our hearts are in the right place for the good of humanity the service performed is for our Highest good. If our hearts do not have a good purpose, we will reap a negative benefit from the service of these Aliens. As I reflect on an accident I had in the early 1990s I remember I was headed to the West side to rescue a friend from a situation. On the way there, I became angered because I was called on to help out. I know I should not have been angry, so what happens. That anger created a negative atmosphere. I had a destructive accident, but as I saw it coming, I prayed with sincere desperation as I cried "Lord, please don't let it end this way!" The impact of three different vehicles somehow hitting my car, totally destroying it, but the Lord answered my prayer by putting an invisible shield around me in that not so much as a piece of glass hit me. The seat where I sat was invisibly protected. When I came to after the impact, I was on the side of I-57 and a police officer was there asking me if I was okay. He told me what had just happened and thought it was simply amazing that I was still alive. Another affirmation of proof that these Aliens are here to protect us.

If we are living our lives as we should be, in submission to our Creator, I believe that we can live a higher quality of life because we have the protection on such Beings. There, I believe it is safe to conclude that we are definitely not alone in this Universe. Sergeant Clifford Stone spoke about 57 Aliens being among us. I believe it could possible be more because whatever form the Creator needs them to be in is the form in which they appear. May Our Creator Bless us with the Light of Understanding as we make our way through this Universe.

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