57 Alien Species are we alone in the Universe

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"57 Alien Species are we alone in the Universe"
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Sergeant Stone was one of the few people who knows that the government and military had contact with 57 known extraterrestrial races. The website ( provides excellent information about the beings for those of you who are curious. The topic is certainly very serious. I and many others know that the government cannot keep its secrets forever especially when it comes to something like this; something that's beyond their control. However, some names on the list look very familiar. According to the information, our planet was being visited by otherworldly beings long before we ever existed. It doesn't sound surprising, it sounds logical. The list confirms even mythical beings. Maybe that could be the answer as to why our ancestors worshipped many gods. However it doesn't stop from here. Many of the races on this list came to Earth for purposes of their own, not to help Earth. But I am sure the government can't let any races interfere with us unless they trade their technology. So the government could possess different varieties of highly advanced technologies. The military could be testing many fast aircrafts above our skies. It is even known that the UFOs we see in the skies that travel at immense speeds are military aircrafts being tested. According to some, the aircrafts can go as high as 5000 miles per hour. This is no joke here or any false information.

Sergeant Stone is not a crazy person for believing that such races exist. I certainly think Sergeant Stone is correct. These aliens didn't just contact the government but with people too. Billy Meier reported to have had contact with the race called Pleiades. Some others had contact with the Andromedans and the Netaboruli. But I also do know that some can twist the information and falsify it for the sake of a cover up or other reasons like they think the information is false. Also, why is the crash of Roswell sparked in people's minds and why is the government making such a big deal out of it? The government won't admit that they know that other beings roam the skies and that USOs exist. I absolutley agree with Stone because this could be the truth even though it could hardly be believable for others, but the truth is out there. We are not fools and we don't have to listen to what the media says. We as people have the right to access this information and know about it. I may not know what other projects the government is up to, but I do know that there something unsual going on.

Another thing is when did all of this start. What interested the races to come and specifically talk with the government? If the races wanted to send us a very important message, then why can't they stop hiding and come out of their invisible cloaks and talk to us? or is it that we are not ready? What ever it is, there is a reason. Also I never heard of this list of information except when I went online. It is not on the newspaper and nobody talked about it (for most). There is a possibility that these races are evil. Now it feels as though it is a science fiction movie. But is the government really disguising this information just to protect us? I heard beofe that they take this information and know important things for their own purposes. What I think is wrong is that the government is doing all this for the sake of power. If you think about it, the government prefers to have a strong military above everything else. Sounds good but don't you think that the country would stronger if people knew about it? We would have a chance to think it upon ourselves and even prepare ourselves. After all, these "people" want something from us and maybe we would gain something useful from them.

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