57 Alien Species are we alone in the Universe

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"57 Alien Species are we alone in the Universe"
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In 1961 an individual by the name of Frank Drake came up with the Drake Equation, a formula that estimates how many planets in our galaxy are home to intelligent life-excluding Earth. When working the formula, Drake formulated in the star numbers and their percentage of planets around them, and how many of those percentages actually had life forms on them. What happened was that Drake came to the conclusion the universe actually was full of sentient beings. He also came to the conclusion that there are alien civilizations in space attempting to get in touch with us.

The Project 57 Alien Races has opened the door to alien civilizations helping to prove that Drake correct. Major top secret projects like Project Disclosure, Blue Book, Blue Fly, Project Moon Dust are pointing to the fact aliens are not only here, but are victims to our own government and military powers. Sergeant Stone is part of one of those alien governmental agencies, stepping forth with facts and information, backed by the research of many others to stop any more top secrets


According to a report by Army Sergeant Clifford Stone, a group of fifty-seven alien species have been catalogued by the United States military/government. This is a fact. The majority of them appear as humanoids with heighted senses-a fact supported by many individuals who were part of the original Project Disclosure. A fact that says many professional individuals are willing to give up top paying year-long careers to go public.

Opinions of hundreds of such qualified professionals states these humanoids walk into a darkened room and are able to tell an object's color, hearing, and smell without seeing the object visually. Sergeant Stone also reveals there are three levels of alien grays they were in contact with, even though they were not catalogued in this particular project, yet were in others. He states the ET intelligence is as mortal as mankind's on Earth, stating alien projects reach back as far as General MacArthur and General Marshall, and so on.

If anyone doubts any governmental influence, listen to General Eisenhower's speech regarding UFOs, listen to astronauts Neil Amstrong, Edgar Mitchell, Edwin Aldrin, Scott Carpenter, or Gordon Cooper. Or listen to Bob Lazar regarding Area 51 and S4 ( ). A radio signal was found by NASA on the Saturn Radio Signal in July of 2004, with its radio emissions demonstrating radio and plasma wave detectors onboard the Cassini spacecraft, as it passed over Saturn's rings.

Is Clifford Stone lying? Personally, I do not feel he is. Anyone with half a brain would know he and the many with the same stories are attempting to force our government and its many agencies into a truthful position. We need to learn to do research on our own while maintaining an open mind. Only then will we know if Clifford Stone is still lying, along with the other 100 who stepped forward with him on the Disclosure Project, then so are presidents, astronauts, and professionals who stand to lose their lives and careers-individuals who previously worked for NASA, Lockheed Martin, the military, our government, Northrop, and SAIC- to name just a few.

Not being able to handle the lies anymore, they have stepped forward to request help from us and a government who is not planning on helping them, as they are too deeply involved themselves. Which leaves us, who stand to benefit from this knowledge. Honesty is something certain aspects of our government seems to feel we have no business knowing about-like children who need protecting to benefit the power and greed of others.


In 2001, approximately 100 military and government witnesses came forth with about 120 hours of video testimony regarding Extraterrestrial and UFO events. Hidden things such as the alien reproductive vehicle built by U.S. companies like Lockheed Martin, Northrup, and SAIC, based on the study of actual Extraterrestrial Vehicles with O-Point Energy Propulsion and Advance Anti-gravity, capable of going faster than the speed of light. Hidden things like photographs by NASA with bases on the back side of the moon, told by a NASA employee who breached security to state it.

Threats to our national security and world peace is at stake because of targeting and downing of the ET vehicles, in a world where sharing space with other civilizations will soon be at war. Presently way over $80 billion dollar annually is spent on shadow governments that have been denied so long as even existing, referred to as "Black Budgets" that cannot be traceable.

How long does this sort of stuff need to continue before we not only elect a president who believes in being transparent, but support agencies and groups who also require the same. By ignoring such projects as this one, we are supporting the lies and the manipulation of a select group while putting the lives of others in jeopardy, those who are attempting to force a government into being honest with its citizens-us. Make a choice.

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